Birthday Parties

 Call  (850) 513-0700 for more information on all your birthday party needs.

The Brogan Museum has three great birthday bashes for kids of all ages. Parties include hands-on activities, museum experience, and much more!

 Birthday Bashes

 Basic Bash
  • Brogan Education Staff Member to facilitate the party
  • Admission to all exhibits
  • Use of private room for 2 hours
  • Private demonstration or hands-on activity
  • Invitations
Deluxe Bash
Basic Bash plus:
  • Decorations and Balloons
  • Gift for Birthday Child
Supreme Bash
Deluxe Bash plus:
  • Pizza and Beverages
  • Utensils, Napkins, Plates, Cups and Ice
Birthday Themes

  • Dinosaur Party – Step back in time as you and your guests become paleontologists for a day! Children will learn how scientists use fossils as clues to unravel the past. Guests will be able to handle casts of real dinosaur fossils and use them to play a Jurassic guessing game. Party guests will then make a fossil of their own to take home! (Recommended for all ages)
  • Marine Mania – Try your hand at Gyotaku, the Japanese art form of fish print making. Visit our EcoLab for some hands-on experience with marine animals! (Recommended for all ages)
  • Pirate Paaaarrrrty – Our birthday partygoers will experience what it is like to be a pirate! Younger children (ages 2 to 7) will become pirates as they learn how to make their own Pirate Hat and an eye patch or hook. Older partygoers (ages 8+) will experience how pirates defended themselves when on a ship by creating Cool Catapults using everyday items.
  • Princess Party – Calling all princesses!  Be a princess for a day by making your very own tiara!  Decorate it with gems, sequins, stickers, and feathers.  Boys are encouraged to participate by making their own crown using the same supplies.  Princesses, be sure to arrive dressed in your favorite princess dress to enjoy the magical day! (Recommended for ages 2 to 7)
  • Spy Kids Party - Party guests will be transformed into special agents to embark on a secret mission throughout The Brogan! Children will use a “retinal scanner” to verify their identity, get “fingerprinted”, and be issued a secret agent ID badge. They’ll then solve a series of clues through out the museum to thwart a villainous “perpetrator” whom they’ll get to meet. Mission accomplished! (Recommended for ages 5+)
  • Party Play Time – Do you just want to spend time exploring our fabulous Museum?  Then select this party so the birthday partygoers can receive a shortened guided tour of our current science exhibits. Includes an EcoLab demonstration and supervised free time to learn and discover from our two interactive floors!  (Recommended for all ages) 
  • What's the Buzz!- Giant robotic insects have invaded the Museum! Discover the world of insects and discover how bees buzzzzz as you and your birthday party guests create a humming buzzmaker! Enter The World of Giant Insects to see monstrous insects up close during your guided tour! (Recommended for ages 8+)
  • Brilliant Butterfly- Create a beautiful stained glass butterfly to decorate your window at home using tissue paper and glue. Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly before enjoying a guided tour through our exhibit, BIG BUGS: The World of Giant Insects, too. (Recommended for all ages)

Spend the Night at the Museum
Upgrade your birthday experience into an unforgettable slumber party! Spend your special night at the Brogan Museum! Party fee includes all the amenities listed for a Supreme party, admission for up to 20 party guests and 5 adults, your choice of themed party activity, guided tour and exhibit exploration, 2 staff members, pizza dinner, popcorn and a movie, and breakfast. Cake and gift bags available for an additional fee. Cost is $650, and includes up to 20 children and 5 adults (A minimum of 3 adult chaperones are required). A separate form is required to confirm a sleepover party.

Birthday Times

  • Saturday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    Basic Bash set-up at 10:00am / Deluxe and Supreme Bash set-up at 10:15am
  • Saturday 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    Basic Bash set-up at 2:00pm / Deluxe and Supreme Bash set-up at 2:15pm
  • Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Basic Bash set-up at 1:30pm / Deluxe and Supreme Bash set-up at 1:45pm
Birthday Prices
 # of Guests
 Basic Bash  Deluxe Bash
 Supreme Bash
 15 or less
 $200 $250
 20 or less
 $225 $275
 Over 20 - add $5 per person to total cost of either bash package.
*Guests include all children participating in the activity at the party.
**Members receive 10% off all Birthday Parties
General Information

Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. A non-refundable deposit of $50 must be returned with the Reservation Request form to guarantee the party date. The remaining balance will be due the day of the party.

Upon arrival, the Birthday Party Family is welcome to use the facility's wheel carts to bring in gifts, birthday cake, and other party supplies. You may pull your car up to the far left lane of Duval Street directly across from The Brogan entrance. After loading in supplies pull back onto Duval Street to the next intersection and turn left into the entrance of the Kleman Plaza parking garage. Parking fees will not be reimbursed by The Museum.

When party guests arrive through the front entrance, they will be directed to the Florida Lottery Room or the Second Floor Classroom to enjoy the birthday celebration.

If you would like to provide directions for your guests, they are as follows: Proceed north on Monroe Street and turn left on Jefferson Street . Proceed to the second traffic light and turn right on Duval Street . The Kleman Plaza Parking Garage entrance will be on the left. Upon parking, take the elevator to the “Plaza” level and walk across Kleman Plaza to the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science.

Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
All requested dates are subject to availability.
Please call 
(850) 513-0700 for more information and availability.
A non-refundable deposit of $50 must be turned in with the Reservation Request form to guarantee the party date.
The remaining balance will be due the day of the party.