Facility Rental

Call Hospitality at (850) 513-0700 x223 for all your facility rental needs.

Fee Schedule for Facility Rental

Evening Half Day
Full Day
Atrium (without Exhibit Area)
$500 N/A N/A $200
First Floor (with Exhibit Area)
$750 N/A N/A $200
Second Floor $750 N/A N/A $200
First and Second Floor
$1200 N/A N/A $200
Entire Building
$2000 N/A N/A $300
Second Floor Multi-purpose Room $375 $200
$350 $50
Florida Lottery Room
$375 $200
$350 $50

Food and Beverage Limitations

Food and Beverage Allowed
Atrium Yes
First Floor (exhibit area)
Yes (if exhibit allows)
Second Floor (exhibit area)
Third Floor (gallery)
Multipurpose Room
Florida Lottery Classroom


Seated on rounds Standing
U Shape
Hollow Square Theater Style
Atrium (without Exhibit Area 50 50 N/A N/A N/A
First Floor (with Exhibit Area)


200 (comfortably)

Second Floor
80 150 N/A N/A


First and Second Floor 160 400 N/A N/A N/A
Entire Building
N/A 600 N/A N/A N/A
Second Floor Multi-purpose Room 50 50 25 40 60
Florida Lottery Room
50 N/A 20 30 45-60

Steps to Secure Facility Rental

  1. All events should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. The deposit and reservation form MUST be submitted in order to put a tentative hold on a particular room for a specific date.2nd Floor Tables
  2. Tentative Reservations must be confirmed no less than 10 days before the event by calling The Brogan's Event Coordinator.  If a confirmation has not been made, the date will be automatically released on the 10th business day. The remaining balance will be invoiced and should be paid in full, no later than the scheduled event date. The deposit is credited toward the total facility rental cost. An assessment will be made at the conclusion of the event to determine any damages. If it is determined that damage or resulting expenses are beyond normal, the facility rental client will be charged accordingly.
  3. The Brogan Museum does not provide a catering service nor does it have an exclusive catering list. However, a list of qualified caterers is available upon request. The Brogan Museum requires that the facility rental client must meet with The Brogan's Event Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the event to finalize arrangements for deliveries, set-up/tear-down, security and other necessary details. At least one Brogan Museum event staff member will be present during the facility rental.  The Brogan Museum will determine if additional staff members are required. The use of Brogan event staff is included in the facility rental fee.
  4. In the event of cancellation, written notification (e-mail, fax or letter) must be provided at least 10 business days prior to the event date in order to receive a full refund. Should a cancellation be made after this deadline, the deposit will be forfeited to The Brogan Museum.

Guidelines for Facility Rental

  1. Public access cannot be restricted during normal hours of operation. All set-up in public areas that take place before 5 p.m., must be coordinated with the facility rental coordinator.
  2. The Brogan Museum has a limited amount of tables and chairs that the facility rental client may use on a complimentary basis. Also included in the rental fee is an opportunity to expand the equipment selection. Please see chart below for more information. The below equipment is available on request and availability from rental company. Exploration Station
  3. Set-up and tear down of all Brogan equipment and exhibits will be done by museum staff. The facility rental client is responsible for any outside rental equipment and personal equipment and decorations brought in.
  4. Guest parking is available in the Kleman Plaza parking garage. (Republic Parking 224-5524) Any deliveries from caterers, florists, musicians, etc. may be made on the Pensacola St. side of the museum. There is a pull off area that may be used to unload and load. These arrangements must be made with the facility rental coordinator prior to the event date. Parking for vendors will also be in the Kleman Plaza parking garage.
  5. Outdoor events must be approved by Kleman Plaza management. Contact The City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation, at 891-3866 to make those arrangements.
  6. Open flames are prohibited with the exception of contained warming units.
  7. The facility rental client is responsible for all food and liquor licenses being in order, if applicable to the event. The facility rental client must provide a copy of all licenses and permits to The Brogan Museum prior to the event.
  8. Decorations and methods of installation must be discussed with the facility rental coordinator prior to the scheduled event.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in the building.
  10. The Brogan Museum is a “family friendly” facility and therefore reserves the right to refuse entertainment of “questionable nature” during facility rental events.
  11. Unless specifically approved in advance in writing, the term “The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science” or any variant thereof will not be used by the facility rental client in any literature, press release, invitation or other material in connection with the event, except with the sole purpose of designating the location of the event.
  12. No photography is allowed in the third floor gallery space.Atrium
  13. For the safety and security of guests, the public access door at the front entrance should be monitored. It is suggested that a greeter be provided to oversee the Atrium entrance to inform guests of the areas that are accessible during the event.
  14. Any supplies, decorations, etc. must be taken out of the building or disposed of immediately following the event. Rented tables, chairs, cloths, etc. may be stored in a designated area until the rental company returns to pick them up no later than 11:00 a.m. the following morning. Please coordinate this with the facility rental coordinator.
  15. Some audio/visual equipment is available for use with meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. on a complimentary basis (television, VCR, DVD player, overhead projector, slide projector, and lectern with microphone). The Brogan Museum recommends professional audio services for certain types of events.
  16. The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science requires that all events must end no later than 10:00 p.m.
  17. Exhibits and exhibit components within The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science are stationary and cannot be moved with the exception of Exploration Station and Mind Games.
  18. The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science reserves the right to refuse any event.