Buck For The Brogan

A designated space on the Museum’s second floor now invites visitors to insert a "BROGAN BUCK" into a dollar bill reader which is connected to a digital display. The goal is to ultimately raise $1 Million Dollars. The space that can ultimately contain one million, one dollar bill facsimiles also highlights important lessons about currency and finance. Your height will be measured in stacked dollars, you can take your photo with your face on a giant dollar and $10,000 shredded bills will be on display in an adjacent case. Exhibition sponsor Florida Commerce Credit Union will be collaborating with The Brogan Museum to offer public programs about money management and finance.

Florida Chancellor of Education, Frank Brogan and his 5-year old son, Colby John, placed the first ceremonial Brogan Buck into the room. More than 600 Brogan Bucks followed in the first day of the campaign. Soon Brogan Supports will be able to text their contributions.