Outreach Programs


Can’t come to us?
We’ll come to you!

Exploration Classes and StarLab presentations are available to come right to your classroom. Our staff will bring all materials, motivation, knowledge, and expertise to give your class an experience that makes art and science fun.

We request that at least one assistant be provided to greet Museum staff upon arrival for set up, act as a liaison with the facility and the students throughout the duration of the program(s), and then assist with the break down and clean up process. The teacher is requested to be present during the programs(s). A limit of 6 outreach programs per day and a lunch break are requested.


Explore the night sky with our portable, inflatable planetarium. Age appropriate shows are available for all students. For a listing of StarLab Exploration Classes see the Natural Science section of this guide. Additional programs include; Current Night Sky, Celestial Navigation, Mythology, Plate Tectonics, Ocean Currents and Human Cell.

StarLab is 20’ X 22’ and requires a clearance of 12’ (please account for ceiling fans and suspended light fixtures). An electric outlet and a quiet room are also required.


$135 for the first show(due as a deposit at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled outreach)
$30 for each additional show
$0.50 per mile, round trip (not applicable if located within 10 miles of The Brogan Museum)


Physical Science Classes

As A Matter Of Fact

Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? No it’s Oobleck! Do the “States of Matter” dance and bond with your classmates as we explore the characteristics of matter. Use your math skills to measure out ingredients to create your own slimy suspension. Magnificent Magnetism

Do opposites really attract? Learn the vocabulary terms to explain the mysteries of magnets. Perform a science experiment to discover the magnetic properties of various household items. Take home your own a-maze-ing magent game.

Personal Polymers

Discover the power of polymers and their uses in everyday life. We will learn about molecular bonds and dance like a polymer while we act out a molecule chain. Plus, apply heat to polystyrene to shrink up your own artistic charm.

Spectral Reflections

See reflections of reflections with the magic of mirrors. View beautiful patterns of colors and shapes through handcrafted kaleidoscopes that reveal the physics of light and color. Compare mixing light to mixtures of pigment and learn how light travels.

Forces In Motion

Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion through demonstration and experimentation. Students will explore Newton’s Laws and other principles of rocketry then build and launch their own miniature rocket powered by the fuel of chemistry.

Marvelous Machines

Get hands-on experience with our simple machines as you experiment with pulleys, levers, screws, wedges, inclined planes, and wheels and axles. Then use your knowledge to create your own mechanical marvel. Afterward, be sure to check out our collection of simple machine exhibits on the second floor!

Exciting Electrons

Attraction, repulsion, electrons, current, circuits, conductors, insulators…explore magnetism and electricity in this exciting class! Find out what it takes to complete a circuit, and use what you learn to build and study an electromagnet.

Watt’s Up?

Get charged up for this class which explores the forces of magnetism and electricity as well as the ins and outs of atomic structure. Get hands-on experience with attraction, repulsion, current, circuits, conductors, and insulators. Complete a circuit and create an electromagnet!

Natural Science Classes

Funky Fish

Get a real feel for science as you practice the art of “Gyotaku” to create your own sensational, textured fish prints. Measure, discuss, and list characteristics of our fishy friend and compare it to our human anatomy.

Geology Rocks

Wise up on geology as you identify rocks, learn about minerals, explore plate tectonics, and scratch the surface to see how the face of our earth has changed. We are a world on a move?

Coastal Classroom

Students will achieve a greater understanding of the scientific method, marine habitats, and conservation through exploration and experimentation. Students will explore and respect coastal life by interacting with live organisms.

StarLab Classes

Starry Nights

Learn how to locate and identify various constellations in the “zoo of the sky” while enjoying some of the stories behind them during a “stellar” planetarium presentations.

Super Stars

Learn why the North Star always appears stationary and points North, how to locate and utilize Polaris in orienteering, how to locate and identify various constellations and stars, and discover the history it all in a planetarium presentation.

Stellar Skies

Learn how to distinguish the magnitude, distance from earth, and age of the stars that make up some key constellations in the sky. Calculate light years, too, in a planetarium presentation that’s out of this world!

Social Science Classes

Mesoamerican animals:

This hands-on class and interactive program uses Mesoamerican artifacts from The Brogan Museum’s Millett Collection to teach history and discover animal symbolism. Learn about the people and the animals that lived in America over one thousand years ago.

The Facts About Artifacts

This is a hands-on class using Mesoamerican artifacts with animal images from The Brogan Museums’ Millet Collection. Find out how archaeologists use clues from artifacts to learn about the culture of ancient peoples.


$100 for first class (due as a deposit at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled outreach)
$50 for each additional class (includes materials)
$0.50 per mile, round trip (not applicable if located within 10 miles of The Brogan Museum)

Call (850) 513-0700 EXT. 223 to schedule your outreach programs.