Saturday Programs


Saturdays at The Brogan Museum are packed with Super Science and Smart Art experiences that are fun for the whole family! Explore our exhibits and take advantage of some exciting extras! Super Science Saturday programs are free with paid admission to the museum, but they often fill up fast, so get here early! For more information on Super Science Saturday programs, please call (850) 513-0700.

1st Saturday of the Month - StarLab Planetarium Shows

Come see stars on the first Saturday of every month at 2:00 p.m. with StarLab portable planetarium shows presented by staff members of The Brogan Museum. Get a sneak peek at the night sky and take home your own starchart. You'll have a stellar time learning about constellations, mythology, and our neighboring planets!

2nd Saturday of the Month - Chemistry Magic Show

Catch a Chemistry Magic Show presented by members of Alpha Chi Sigma, FSU's professional chemistry fraternity, at 2 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month. The shows are saturated with cool chemical compounds and exciting explosions that are sure to get a reaction out of kids and adults, alike!

3rd Saturday of the Month - Smart Art: Exhibit-themed mini art workshop

Wise up with Smart Art activities inspired by our current art and science exhibitions at 2 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month. Kids K-5 and their parents are invited to participate in a guided tour of the current exhibition, followed by an exhibit-themed mini art workshop. Previous topics include the science and art of flowers, found object art, create your own monster, and Egyptian bug jewelry. Brush up on basic art terms and concepts while having fun designing your own masterpiece!

4th Saturday of the Month - ME2 Magnificent Materials and Exotic Engineering

Imagine plastic materials that act like human muscle or change their color like an octopus. Imagine materials that can sense sounds through walls, help control the flight of supersonic jets, or harvest energy. Join faculty from the College of Engineering at Florida A&M / Florida State University (Drs. William Oates, Ongi Englander, Jonathan Clark) for an interactive discussion on a broad variety of “smart” materials, nanoscience, and their applications in robotics, aerospace, and biology. We will have live demonstrations and interactions with the audience to demonstrate how new and exotic materials work and how they are applied to many engineering applications. Kids of all ages and their families are welcome to come and participate.