2nd Floor


The Ecolab is the The Brogan Museum’s live animal collection. Our Ecolab showcases several species of aquatic life that can be found in and around Florida, and allows visitors the opportunity to get an up close look at these incredible animals. The Ecolab houses hermit crabs, oysters and several echinoderms (sea stars and sea cucumbers), in addition to a Horseshoe Crab, Red Devil Cichlid, Striped burrfish and a Tomato clownfish!

Also featured in the Ecolab is the Allan and Hazel Walker Shell Collection, an extensive display of several univalve and bivalve mollusk species. Visitors can also explore the hand-on shell cart to feel a sea star or pick up a conch and hear the ocean inside!


Close-Up Colony



Get an inside view of a European Honeybee Hive.  Find the Queen and witness the worker bees and drones interact in this living exhibit.  We hope that after taking a close-up look, you will better understand the crucial link honeybees play in the production of the world's food supply.
You can visit this exhibt on The Brogan Museum's second floor. 





Marvelous Machines

Permanent ExhibitThe Clever Lever
Marvelous Machines will put the power of science in your hands. Explore the strength-multiplying magic of the Clever Lever and Powerful Pulley. Crank a gear one million times, or try to in How Many Is A Million. Discover why an ice skater spins faster when they fold their arms in while experiencing Disk Derby. Use pressure to propel a tennis ball forty feet into the air with the exciting Tennis Ball Launcher. It¹s Simply Marvelous!