National Food Day


On October 24th, 2011, Americans across the country will gather to commemorate the first national Food Day celebration in effort to bring healthy and affordable alternatives to dinner tables across the nation. The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, along with the City of Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency, is hosting FOOD-O-RAMA, a free community festival that will take place on Sunday, October 23rd from 1PM to 6PM to bring the festivities of Food Day to Tallahassee.

The community event will bring a host of food vendors, educational displays, and informative activities to educate the community on living a healthier lifestyle by keeping a healthier diet. The Brogan Museum will have children creating their own food communities and taking part in lessons in portion control in order to emphasize the importance of eating healthy and knowing where their food comes from. Alongside the festival, there will also be a free concert in Kleman Plaza and a food drive to honor the Food Day advisory board’s commitment to bring healthy and affordable solutions to families in America. The Museum is asking members of the community to bring donations to the festival where there will be Food Trucks that will send the donations to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Tallahassee.

FOOD-O-RAMA is apart of a weekend long celebration coming to the Leon County area in honor of Food Day. Events such as the October 22nd Community Gardening Tour and the October 23rd Youth Leadership Symposium and The Frenchtown Community Garden Kids (also part of FOOD-O-RAMA) are bringing awareness to the community about Food Day in hopes to continue this celebration of health for years to come. For a fully detailed list of events, please visit Tallahassee Food Network.