Modern Art From The Old Continent

Exhibit Opens October 1, 2011EurArt Stand Alone

Europe is where many of us originally came from, bringing over our knowledge, literature, language, and the principles that contributed to make America the nation it is today.

Europe has been a melting pot of cultures for thousands of years, and the arts played a very deep role in people's lives in every single culture, helping to build the individual personality of each country

Today, the old continent finds itself in a preeminent position in the arts, conscious of the teachings of the past, but aware of the new discoveries and tendencies, including the new ideas that have been coming from America for the past hundred years.

It is in this spirit that today we are proud to present a show that gathers art works of established European artists. Not to privilege our art, but to create a link between approaches to life that are different but, at the same time, deeply connected.