If you own a PlayStation console, you are probably at least somewhat familiar with the PlayStation gift card benefits. However, just in case – or in order to present this card to those who might be new – we will be going over the various features it holds, as well as the purchases you are able to make by using it. Be it a gift for a friend or relative, or a treat to yourself, PS gift card is a valuable and universal purchase that can serve for a multitude of occasions.

Browse the Store

The most common type of items you can get with this gift card is, of course, games. And the PS4 Store surely has something for everyone! Perhaps you are leaning towards adventure-driven RPGs? Or maybe you would like to use PlayStation gift card benefits to get more first-person team shooters since they are your thing? You might even decide to spend your time on a mysterious horror game, who knows! All of those are excellent choices. With new and sometimes exclusive games constantly added to the console’s store, there will never be a shortage of entertainment.

And perhaps new games are not the purchase that interests you. Well, there’s a solution for that as well, since those are not the only items available in store. Your card can also get you add-ons and other additional content for your favourite game. Simply put, PlayStation gift card benefits are there to expedite the purchase action, while keeping you safe and satisfied, thus the card can cover most of your gaming needs or wants.

PlayStation Plus

We would be amiss to skip the PS Plus when talking about benefits, as this particular service has benefits of its own! PlayStation Plus is a premium subscription that caters to players, keeping them connected as well providing new content to explore. So, the first among many is the aforementioned connectivity. With the Plus service, you will be able to play multiplayer games (but please keep in mind that PlayStation gift card benefits only facilitates the connection, you need to have internet set up separately).

With the online content readily available, you can join co-op with your friends, or jump into a firefight in an FPS shooter-looter. You can freely communicate with your team and enjoy the trusty connection service, or maybe you want to add a particularly tough opponent to your friend list so you could learn from him/her. PlayStation Plus also provides the subscribers with two free games each month. These games are not set in stone and will change each month, differing in the genre, type and even length.

In short, PlayStation gift card benefits can get you PS Plus, and that subscription will grant free games. Everyone wins! Best of all, those games are yours for as long as your subscription lasts. This means for a price of a singular monthly subscription you will be getting anything from AAA to indie games for free! And those will give you hours upon hours of content. And when you beat them (since the game is fully yours) you can consider buying it, if it impressed, or move on to another one. Basically, no commitment from your part, and no final purchase; think of it as rent with no deadline!

Speaking of buying, PlayStation gift card benefits also can help you with that. When you activate your card, funds are added to your wallet. You will then be able to use your savings to buy items from the Store. And since PlayStation Plus grants exclusive discounts, you could be getting quite a deal. It’s like the saying: you have to spend money to save money. PlayStation keeps it true, with great regard to their players. If a AAA game is usually available at a steeper price, you might be able to get it at a dented price (compared to the regular price tag). PlayStation gift card benefits were designed to give the most convenience to the users of the PlayStation console.

Cinematic pleasures

Once you think that you have had enough games, you might consider investing time in a good movie or a popular TV show. With the movies, there’s also an option to grab them as rentals. Therefore, if you are unsure or just want a singular entertainment affair for a sole evening, you don’t even have to pay a full movie’s price.

Alternatively, perhaps you see one of your favourites in the store, accompanied by a bonus feature. Numerous PlayStation gift card benefits ensure that you get to keep them till the end of time! These purchases are all connected to your account, much like the funds themselves, so you do not have to worry about how to access in case if you switch devices.

Much like the video games marketplace on which to buy the card, the freedom to choose what you wish to buy is there for the taking. You may get services (namely the PS Plus), or singular purchases, yet there’s a whole variety of entertainment to be had via PlayStation console. It connects several points of interest and serves as the entire fun centre, encompassing much of what you need for a great pastime.