Like every business that has a website, it is likely that you will have had some negative online press. If you acted properly, you should have quickly responded to those reviews, but they may still have an impact on your business simply because they are so easy to find online. Indeed, if the negative outranks the positive on the internet, then you will need to ask for the services of a professional reputation management company to help you out. Let’s take a look at the three things that they will consider first, before they determine what to do to make your reputation more positive.

The 3 Factors Analyzed by a Reputation Management Company

  1. The site’s authority

There are a number of factors that are used in order for a webpage to be ranked on the search engines. Those factors combined are known as “authority”. The more authority a site has, the easier it is to find it online. So, the company will look into what the authority is of pages with positive information about you, and how that compares to those with negative information. They will also work on boosting the authority of the positive things. This takes quite a bit of time and you will have to be patient, but the long term payoff is huge.

  1. How much negative is out there

Next, the reputation management firm will determine just how much negative information is out there, and how that compares to how much positive information is out there. There should be a significant imbalance in that, but in the favor of the positive. It is unlikely that you can restore this balance very rapidly, which is why reputation management firms will try to identify the pieces doing the most damage, aiming to counteract those in particular.

  1. Your company’s online visibility

Last but not least, they will work on your own online visibility. You need to have a regularly updated company blog, for instance, and have a relevant and active social media presence. You should also network with your industry and engage your community, thereby setting yourself apart as a true expert in the field. You should also engage in proving negative reviews wrong. For instance, if someone complains about a late delivery, you should highlight the fact that you work with a delivery company that guarantees their delivery. You should also write regular press releases about this and other achievements, and share those on Twitter and Facebook, sparking up conversations with your audience. It is about creating a buzz and getting people to notice you and the positive about you. The more that happens, the better your reputation will be.

If you notice that your online reputation isn’t what it should be because you have received some negative reviews, then it is time to contact a reputation management company. They will do what they can to mitigate the damage, while also being proactive about maintaining and even enhancing your online reputation.