After moving into my home just over 3 years ago, I had spent pretty much all that I had on buying the home in the first place, so I decided not to decorate for a while. After 2 years it all became too much and I realized that I needed to update my property with some interior decorating. Th first issue that I had, was that I had no idea what color schemes I should use, what kind furniture that I liked or what kind of styles I should be looking for. I decided then, that I would take inspiration from elsewhere, so I began looking just about everywhere for some ideas around styles and colors. If you are in a similar position to where I was a few years ago, and you don’t have the money to pay someone to do your decorating for you, here is where you should be looking for inspiration.


As I was pricing up a few bits and pieces for the home, I suddenly realized that I could use the stores themselves, to give me some inspiration. Take Gary Friedman’s Restoration Hardware for example, load up the webpage, select which room you are looking for and immediately you are presented with images of beautifully designed interiors. If you are on the lookout for some cool design ideas, look no further than the shops themselves, even if you don’t have the cash to buy their products.

Friends and Family

Shortly before I started decorating I caught myself numerous times looking at people’s houses in much different ways than before. Instead of walking in to see my friend, I would be reviewing their feature wall and thinking about whether that color would work ell in my home. This is a great way to get inspiration as you can see and feel what the effects of a certain style are. Now of course you couldn’t straight up copy from these people as they will later see those things in your home, but you can definitely use them to get yourself inspired as to what you will do in your own home.

Social Media

The majority of my inspirations for what to do in the home came from social media and the stunning things that you can find on there. I started with Pinterest, possibly the best place to find inspiration of home decor and I began pinning like a madman. Obviously when people have created something beautiful in their home, they cannot wait to show it off to the world and that means that you can take inspiration from it. I also scoured Facebook for interior design groups and managed to get some real cool ideas from what the people were sharing on there. Make sure that you actively follow some of the famous interior design companies as well, because they also regularly share ideas and tips on how to create a beautiful home.