Casinos, in some form or another, have been around for centuries and throughout that time there are some widely shared, mythical ideas which people have. Whether you like to go out to a casino or use a real money online casino in Australia, these myths are often held customers minds, and today we are going to attempt to highlight them and break them down. What is interesting is that people around the world buy into these ideas and whilst there is nothing really wrong with them, it is important that we separate fact from fiction. 

Profit is Not Real Money 

One of the most common justifications for gambling amongst customers at an Australian, British or US casino, is that profit is not real money. Let’s say for example that you have a kitty of $100 and cap any of your bets at $10, and that is all you plan to place on any single bet. Now let’s say that your number comes up in roulette, at 36/1. Now you have $360 plus whatever is left of your original kitty, and now that $10 is starting to look pretty small. What many do is to consider that $360 as only profit, and so they are likely to bet bigger and if they lose it, then never mind. The reality however is that this could go on forever, until you lose all of that profit. Whatever you win is yours, and should be treated the same as what you took into the casino.

Feeling Streaky 

Another common myth is the idea of a streak, be it positive or negative. We have seen some anecdotal stories of players going on winning streaks for multiple hours, or hapless customers who just can’t catch a break. In reality this comes down to confidence, the more that you win, the smarter that you play, the more you lose, the more desperately you play. In either case, if you are winning or losing consistently, it is always necessary to step away from the casino and take stock, because things can change in the flip of a coin. 

The House is Against You 

The saying that the ‘house always wins’ is almost true, simply given the probabilities of the games which you are playing, that are almost always weighted in the casinos favor. This in reality is the point of playing, to try and take money off the casinos. Whilst there may be some examples of shady behavior over the years, the reality is that odds are preset and you will know exactly what they are when you walk into the casino or hit a casino website. A legal roulette wheel for example, gives you the same opportunity of the ball landing on 6, 32 or, 24. This is the same for all casino games, which is why it is a myth to think that a casino is intentionally going out to make you lose. 

These are just a couple of common myths which we need to forget before we hit the casino, online or otherwise.