So, you want to hire people with disabilities? Great! There are many benefits of employing individuals living with disabilities: tax breaks, a more diverse workforce, and increased community acceptance. Every day people use websites to research products and services, which is why it’s important to ensure your employment opportunities are accessible using tools like accessiBe. Today we’ll discuss some tips for hiring people with disabilities at your business or agency:

  1. Don’t Assume A Disability First and foremost, don’t assume a disability. The individual may be able to perform the job task with a reasonable accommodation – one that does not result in an undue hardship for the employer. When interviewing applicants, ask about their skills and abilities. It’s also helpful to let them know what you would like from them in order to make a decision on who will move forward in the hiring process.
  2. Communicate Effectively To make sure you understand what the applicant is saying, ask them to repeat themselves or clarify their message. If hearing aids are used, ask the individual to speak more slowly and speak louder so that you can hear without asking them to repeat themselves constantly. Use common sense when it comes to communication; some individuals have a speech impediment or stutter, so speak more slowly and loudly when necessary.
  3. Provide Accommodations If the applicant is approved for the position, provide them with any accommodations that may help them during on-the-job training or work. For example, if the individual has difficulty bending over to pick up items, provide them with a stool or box they can stand on. If they use a wheelchair, provide a wheelchair ramp, or alternatives to a wheelchair ramp if a traditional one isn’t possible. If you offer flexible hours for work, then let the applicant know that it is available to them as well.
  4. Use Job Coaches A job coach can help train an individual on how to perform all the necessary tasks for the job. The coach will work with the individual to help them successfully complete all assigned tasks during on-the-job training. The coach may also provide ongoing support, following up periodically and helping resolve any issues that could arise throughout employment.
  5. Treat Everyone Equally Separate yourself from others who may stereotype individuals living with disabilities. Be patient and treat the individual as you would any other person who is applying for a job. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly; this includes individuals living with disabilities.
  6. Consider Hiring Individuals With Disabilities If you own or lead a company or organization, think about hiring people with disabilities! Your business could benefit from attracting a more diverse market. accessiBe offers a great selection of people with disabilities who are eager to work and provide you with quality services or products that will help your business flourish.
  7. Create A Flexible Workplace To make it easier for an individual living with disabilities to start working, create a flexible workplace where they can come in, do their job, and leave. A flexible workplace is one that allows the individual to make their own hours and come and go as they please.