The FREESHOT golf accessory case just launched on Kickstarter. This product lets you carry all of your essential ort in one place, and weighs in at less than 1 pound.

FREESHOT comes with a lot of cool goodies, but the most interesting part of the product is its unique, complimentary long tee. Many of us are used to losing our tees while we play. But the FREESHOT long tee is bright orange, so you’ll have no problem finding it in all that green.

Also, while most long tees break often and have to be thrown away, the FREESHOT long tee is built to last, with a snap-back two-piece design. A powerful magnet connects the top and bottom halves, so you won’t have to worry about them getting separated.

FREESHOT also comes with a ball marker. The ball marker is held in place magnetically, so you can attach and detach it from the carrier with ease. You can also pay for a custom ball marker engravement for a ball marker that is truly unique.

But you can customize more than just the ball marker. There’s a total of 4 color choices for the ball marker, including Metal Gray, Rose Gold, Black, and Black & White.

When you’re moving on to the next hole, just place your golf ball in the holder, and you won’t have to walk around with a golf ball taking up all the space in your pockets.

FREESHOT’s final component is its divot tool. The two-pronged divot tool is completely retractable; just pull the blades out when you need to patch up your pitch marks, then slide the blades back in for safe storage.

To use FREESHOT, just clip it on your belt, pants, or skirt. If you’re left-handed, place it on your right hand-side, and vice-versa for right-handed golfers. That way, it won’t get in the way of your swings.

Then, once you’re off the green, just store FREESHOT in the complimentary pouch, and place the pouch in your golf bag.

The FREESHOT team told us, “We wanted to create a golf accessory that can up your game in subtle ways. We hope everyone can have a better, safer golf game.” We’re looking forward to seeing how their campaign fairs on Kickstarter.