According to Bob Mims Memphis is a fantastic place to play golf, as is Louisville. However, no matter where you go to play, it is important that you know which clubs to use. This is why he has created the following guideline in an effort to help others choose the right one.

Bob Mims Memphis on Golf

Golf, Mims believes, is a community. People who play golf often start young, meeting at university and continuing to play most of their lives. It is also a sport that is closely linked to business people. It is not unheard of for the CFO of a foundation to meet with someone from another foundation and for entire business decisions to be made while there. Golf clubs, meanwhile, are places where news travels fast. People are hired and fired, talked about, reported on, and more. If there is ever a report about someone’s arrest, someone being cited for anything, a shoplift accusation, or anything else, people at the golf club will know about it. Unsurprisingly, therefore, lots of people want to start playing this sport, because they feel it is a way for them to get ahead in life. And this means they have to buy clubs, which can be very expensive. However, according to Mims, they are available for a steal after August, when they go on sale. This is why he felt that now is the right time to discuss the different types of clubs, and which one a beginner is most likely to need.

Bob Mims on Golf Clubs

Bob Mims believes that beginners should purchase a set of clubs. That way, they can get an entire packed with all the things they need. Typically, a set will contain:

  • A pitching wedge
  • A sand wedge
  • A putter
  • Four irons
  • A driver
  • One or two woods

You will usually use the 3, 5, 7, and 9 iron the most.

One of the determining factors of the cost of the club, is what their shaft is made out of. While this may sound like a luxury problem, it actually isn’t. The material of the shaft does have an important role to play. For instance, lightweight graphite shafts can make the swing a lot quicker. Steel shafts are strong and durable.

How to Choose

Because there are so many different materials and so many different brands, picking a set may seem a little overwhelming. You should start at the point of purchasing a set that includes at least the list mentioned above. This will enable you to play a good game of golf, if nothing else. So long as you are sure that you want to play golf, you should also opt for a good quality set. If your irons are of poor quality, your game play will be as well, and this will ruin your enjoyment of golf. Hence, you might want to avoid the cheapest set that is out there, choosing to invest a little bit instead.