One of the areas of the house that receives the most makeover is the bathroom. The makeover could be for aesthetic purposes, some for functionality, while others for both. Homeowners find something about their bathroom that needs an upgrade or change. If you are eyeing to have a bathroom makeover, it would be helpful to learn about the most common things that owners want to change in their bathrooms. You may check these things in your bathroom and determine if yours also need replacement or an upgrade.

Poor lighting

If you don’t have proper lighting, it can affect the feel of the entire bathroom. No matter how beautiful the design, furniture, and fixtures are, you will not appreciate them if you don’t see them. Additionally, it can also be a risk, especially if older people at home or family members have poor eyesight. Go for lighting fixtures that will make your bathroom bright, and ensure to install them in the right area that will allow them to efficiently light the bathroom. If you have old incandescent lights, switch to LED lights as they are not only bright but are also energy-savers. 

Combined shower and tub

Another common complaint of homeowners is the combination of their bathtub and shower. It’s a design in old homes that do not fit the style of most modern families. Also, a bathtub takes more space, and uses more water. Consider ditching the bathtub and shower combo and go for a shower cabin instead. Shower cabins are space-savers that also come with varying features. You may find those with a hydro-massage that is good for relaxing the sore muscles. They are also aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. 

Small vanity

A small vanity is an issue if your family has grown. For individuals who are now living with their partner or a housemate, or for couples who now have kids, they require a more spacious vanity. If you are in the same situation, this is one area that you must include in your upgrade. You may turn your one-sink vanity into two sinks. A custom vanity is ideal if you want more cabinets, giving you more space to store and organize things. Although you can put bathroom items, such as toiletries, medicines, and towels in another room, it is more convenient to keep them in the bathroom for easy access when you need them. 

Improper toilet placement

If the toilet doesn’t give you ample space to be comfortable while using it, that’s a big sign that it needs to be moved, or also replaced if it’s an old one. It must give you enough room to sit properly. Also, old toilets use more water. So, while in a bathroom makeover, it’s the best time to upgrade to a water-efficient toilet that is eco-friendly and will save money in the long run. 

Outdated finish and tiles

Times change, and so do trends in bathroom designs. If the tiles and finish of your bathroom look outdated, replace them during the upgrade. This time, choose classic designs that will not go out of style if you don’t want to keep replacing them. 

Look into these areas before starting your bathroom renovation to determine if yours also need replacement or an upgrade.