Unless one is trying to cause an accident for financial gain, most drivers go out of their way to avoid them.

That said might you be an auto accident waiting to happen and not even realize it?

Being in such an accident has the potential to change your life, the lives of others and by no means in a good way.

So, what steps should you be focusing on to lower the odds of being the next accident victim statistic?

Don’t Let an Auto Accident Change Your Life

According to thewanderingrv.com, there are some 6 million auto accidents in the U.S. on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, more than 37,000 Americans die each year due to such accidents.

With that in mind, here are some things you can do to try and avoid such a fate:

1. Be smart on the road – You would think commonsense would tell all to be smart whenever behind the wheel on the road. That said too many drivers in fact do not use commonsense when driving. For some, they think there is no way they are going to be the next accident victim. Be smart and drive as if your life depends on it because in fact it does.

2. Keep focus on road – If you let distractions such as a phone, grooming and more distract you, odds for an accident go up. Don’t bother with your phone, grooming and so on until safely parked somewhere.

3. Have the best vehicle – Do you feel good about the vehicle you drive and its ability to get you from one point to another? In the event you are looking to buy another one soon, be sure you put some good investigation into what is out there. That takes on more importance when thinking of a used vehicle. You can go on the Internet and opt for a free car title search. That search can help you dig into a vehicle’s past and give you some good info more times than not. From accidents to recalls and more, learn all you can about a vehicle you may call your own.

4. Play it safe with bad weather – There are times you will have to deal with inclement weather when driving. As such, use your head and take as much time as needed to get where you are going. The key is leaving early so you do not rush. Also allow yourself plenty of space between vehicles.

5. Never think one more drink is fine – If you want to have one or more alcoholic beverages while out, know your limit. It only takes one too many drinks to lead an accident. This is an accident that can have deadly consequences for you and others in and not in your life.

6. Maintenance on your vehicle – No matter the vehicle you have, be sure to take care of it. Regular maintenance keeps a vehicle running well and less likely to break down or be in an accident.

By doing all you can to avoid auto accidents, you stay a little healthier and wealthier.