Hormones create an internal balance within the human body, making them function healthily. Like any machines that are carefully programmed to run a certain way, humans are programmed and managed by these hormones. Precise amounts of hormones in our system ensure that there are little to no imbalances and that the human body functions the way it is supposed to do so. 

Just how hormones create a perfect balance between the body’s systems, old age is bound to disturb this balance as the body becomes weaker, and the glands producing these hormones are affected. These hormone imbalances can drastically affect individuals’ health and individuals may have to resort to hormone therapy. 

This is where bioidentical hormone replacement comes into play, which is slightly different from conventional methods. These ‘natural’ hormones from organic sources such as trees help recharge the body’s vitality when faced with hormonal imbalances. However, care must be taken when administering bioidentical hormonal replacement as many products in the market claim to be nature-based when they’re developed in a Lab.

Explaining Bioidentical Hormones:

As mentioned above, bioidentical hormones replicate the effects of bodily hormones and thus help individuals with any hormonal imbalances they may be experiencing. Bioidentical hormones are most commonly used to treat conditions related to male/female sex hormone imbalances. Menopause is one of the conditions that result from such imbalances, and these processed hormones play a big part in reducing such imbalances.

Bioidentical hormones remain a mystery to researchers as research is trying to find the exact effects these hormones have on imbalances. So far, researchers have outlined certain factors that need to be considered prior to prescribing the treatment. For example, people susceptible to clotting, cancer tendencies & having cardiovascular issues are advised not to use bioidentical hormones. 

Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe to Use?

Research conducted on bioidentical hormones has yet to conclusively give the green signal to the practice, as plenty of research is still to be done to claim these hormones’ effectiveness. However, the highest authority in the United States, the FDA or food and drug authority, has greenlit many bioidentical hormones safe for usage. Individuals can use FDA-approved bioidentical hormones without hesitation, while non-FDA-approved should be taken after advisement from your physician or medical insurance provider.

Individuals are not advised to go for bioidentical hormone therapy if they have heart conditions or are susceptible to cancer. The patients are vigilantly watched when undergoing hormonal treatment, as even small overdoses of the hormone can be harmful. The effects of bioidentical hormone therapy are visible for most after three months, while some people feel the effects within weeks.

How Can BHRT Help Women?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a good candidate for women going through menopause. At this stage of a woman’s life, you experience significant changes within the body, which may cause specific imbalances. Course correction is done via hormone therapy, and BHRT is an excellent choice where women benefit by getting rid of many unwanted symptoms. 

Women in their late 40s and early 50′ go through many hormonal changes, including the reduced production of progesterone and estrogen. Women experiencing weight gain, low libido, increasing belly fat, profuse sweating, shrinking muscles, and an overall lack of energy may point to the female sex hormone not being produced adequately. Women like these are the perfect candidates to try BHRT, which can manage these symptoms just like when the women were young and capable of producing the right amount of hormones.  

How Can BHRT Help Men?

Men, like women, also face hormonal changes as they grow, and while women’s issues are more highlighted, men go through their version of hormonal changes. Men suffer low testosterone levels after 30, known as andropause. Researchers believe that men suffer a steady decline in their male sex hormones after age 30. As a result, men seeking treatment at a TRT Clinic Temecula or elsewhere could use the BHRT as a solution for their hormonal imbalances.

Symptoms that warrant treatment in men may include a lowered libido, one of the first signs of such low hormone levels. Other symptoms that point to this decline include weakened bones, weight gain, hair loss, always being irritated, constantly feeling low on energy, insomnia, and night sweats. 

Is BHRT the Correct Treatment for You?

The decision to use BHRT is difficult as the treatment faces many questions about its applicability. Research has shown that BHRT is effective in many individuals; however, it may not be suitable for you. If you’re faced with this problem, you should consult your physician or insurance provider, who can effectively guide you on whether to go through this treatment.