Travelling is supposed to be an activity of relaxation and pleasure but when it becomes a part of your lifestyle as a business person it may be overwhelming to keep up with your itinerary and packing the correct clothing. Since fashion plays a huge role in today’s society it is of great importance how you choose to present yourself to the world. It is proven that the way you dress speaks a lot more of yourself than words. This guide will go through the basics of fashion for modern business travelling.

Luggage: Remember that you want to make your experience as smooth as possible, therefore the number of pieces of luggage you take with you matters. Find out about the luggage regulations from your airline to see how many pieces and how much weight you are allowed to take with you. Do not forget that quality over quantity is key when packing for business travel. Money is factor that does not matter here, even if you do not mind paying for the added costs of carrying more pieces or extra weight, you want to look as professional as possible, and that is not possible unless you travel light and manage your luggage to reach your accommodation without any struggle.

That being said, choosing the right luggage is utterly important as it will determine how your fellow colleagues will perceive you. The best option for business travel would be to get a wheeled carry-on in a lightweight material of your choice. If your trip requires more pieces add a documented wheeled suitcase.

Travel outfit: It may seem like there is no easy choice when it comes to picking out outfits, but actually, there are many ways to look fashionable in simple outfits that are suitable for many occasions. Do not try to pick a specific look for every occasion but rather learn to mix a few pieces into multiple outfits. This will make your life a lot easier.

To avoid getting wrinkles or unnecessary folds on your coat, blazer or suit, you should wear it the day you travel. Depending on the first stop after your arrival decide weather to make it more casual or more elegant. Pair it with dark jeans, slim chinos or the trousers of your choice and a plain T-shirt, polo or button-up shirt, depending on the first impression you want to make. All of these choices will give you a refined and classic look but most importantly it will be comfortable.

Footwear: Last but not least, you will need footwear to match all of the possible combinations you decide to wear. Loafers are the best option when it comes to elegance and comfort. Easy to slip on and off, they go with both jeans and trousers, they are used for casual and elegant outfits. When in doubt remember that less is more.