I have always had a problem losing weight and last year I decided that enough was enough. And so, to get started I underwent some laser liposuction at my fantastic local clinic, check out the Sono Bello reviews to see more about them. After my liposuction I hit my diet hard and was able to stick to it for the first time in my life. One of the keys that I have found to losing weight and sticking to my diet, is to spend a lot of my time in prepping my dishes. And so if you are struggling to stick to your diet, here is how I prep my meals to ensure that I am always prepared for healthy eating.

Meal Plan and Shopping

It may not sound very rock and roll but my week begins on a Saturday evening when I sit down and plan my meals for the following week. I like having a weekly menu to stick to and there are so many benefits to this such as being able to work out the healthiest meals that you should be eating. Once I have my meal plan, I start to create a list for what I will need from the store. On a Sunday morning, straight after breakfast, I go to the grocery store – never go on an empty stomach! I make sure that I always stick to my list.

Sunday Prep Time

As much as I don’t want to, as soon as I get back from the grocery store I begin to prep things like my salad and veggies and I will also cook my meal ahead of time, for Monday night. Usually I have my lunches prepared for both Monday and Tuesday on Sunday evening so that I know that I am ready to start the week in a positive frame of mind and with food prepped.

Evening Prep

Each night of the week, I spend around 20 minutes getting my snacks prepared for the following day. I like to take sticks of cucumber, pepper and carrot with me for my work as well as some nuts and dried fruits. I find that if I have snacks like these on hand, that I avoid eating rubbish like crisps and chocolate. Just 20 minutes per evening can really help you to get ready.

Kitchen Clean

It may sound trivial but having a clean kitchen is a great way to stay on track with your diet because you are more inclined to get in there and prepare something. If your kitchen is messy then you will need to clean it before doing anything, something which none of us feel like doing. Make sure that you wash out all of your food storage the moment that you get back from work so that you are ready to go again the following day.

Prepping your food like this makes sure that you are always thinking about eating well, and it also helps you to get prepared for the following day, and stick to that diet!