Are you looking for a new revenue stream or a way to revitalize interest in your restaurant? New dayparting ideas can boost your restaurant’s revenues, raise profits, and target new audiences. These menu and dayparting ideas can help you move into new market spaces as the QSR industry evolves and targets new customers at new times of day.

#1 Breakfast 

Breakfast is the fastest-growing meal in fast food. Breakfast traffic at QSR restaurants has been growing by 3% to 5% since 2013, largely at the expense of sit-down restaurants like diners and because of changing habits. One study found that 40% of Millennials find cereal inconvenient because of the clean up required. Commute times have also been getting longer in most major American metros, leaving less time in the morning to eat breakfast. While the average American commute is still only 27 minutes, commutes in some metros are approaching an hour.

 With breakfast growing rapidly, quick service restaurants are focusing on fast and affordable options that serve the commuter crowd. At the same time, tastes are also expanding, and if you can offer brunch-style options in a fast, takeout form, you can appeal to a busy, takeout-friendly Millennial audience. Benedict and poached egg bowls, modern yogurt bowls, Southern influences like grits, and alternatives to bacon like chorizo are proving big hits on breakfast menus.

#2 Target the Afternoon Slump

Coffee and snacks are the big-movers during the 3 p.m. slump. People’s bodies move into a downward shift at 3 p.m. and many find themselves needing another coffee and something small to eat to boost their blood sugar and get through the day. Digital menu boards let you highlight these items at the right time in the afternoon without removing bigger lunch items that interest late lunch customers.

#3 Late Night Menu

Take a look around your restaurant. Have you noticed more bars, music venues, and night spots opening up in your neighborhood? What time do the other restaurants around you close? If you’re lucky enough to be located in an area with a vibrant or emerging nightlife, you may want to consider a late night menu for extended hours.

A late night menu can be a trimmed-down version of your usual menu focusing on those perfect post-bar treats while also making it easier for your kitchen staff to clean up and close, or you can design some brand new items that will appeal to a customers after midnight. Give it a test run by extending your hours on Fridays and Saturdays and promote your new items with digital menu board teasers.

When you’re introducing new dayparting options, you need digital menu boards that draw customer attention to it. Companies like Netvisual provide digital menu boards and help design custom content that will work for your brand. Adding promotional video to your digital menu board can draw attention to your new menu during other times of day, too. With automatic dayparting, Netvisual digital menu boards make new meal offerings easy to advertise, and they can even include promotional teasers of what’s to come on the next daypart.

Digital menu boards increase customer awareness about your promotions and new menus. Contact a digital signage company like Netvisual to talk about your options for menu boards that raise your revenue. When you introduce new menus, digital menu boards help them succeed.