To many, the idea of accessibility means making changes in a physical way to a building, or structure, or to the roads and sidewalks, changes that will make the lives of disabled people easier. These are all vital things that need to be addressed and, in most places, while there is still room for improvement, these things are put in place. No one should be, or even feel, excluded or disadvantaged because of a disability. So, this is something that all of us should be aware of and willing to help make the changes needed to give disabled people the same access as everyone else. This is the case in all areas of life and companies, like accessiBe, are there to help in one very modern and important way.

The age of the internet

The internet is a part of our every day lives now and we use it for many things. And yet many of take for granted all this information right at our fingertips in a matter of seconds. But for some, the process takes longer, and for others, it isn’t possible. This is because of an issue with website accessibility. Especially over the last couple of years with the coronavirus pandemic, never before has the internet been so vital in keeping the world moving forward. So, it is an urgent matter to look at whether you’re website is being made accessible to all, especially those with disabilities.

What can be done?

Most businesses that are established and looking to expand will have a website. Having a website is great for your business. It gives you a much larger client base (even from other countries), while saving money on the costs of running multiple, or indeed any, premises. This is a reason that many are taking full advantage of the use of websites. But how can you increase the number of visitors to your site while also working for the greater good of others and improving your reputation as a business owner? There are companies out there that can help you get your website fully accessible in a matter of days so that may be a good place to start. The idea is to think of the different issues that people face that may make looking at your website difficult and then making the necessary changes. It may seem complicated, but it is quite simple. For example, just changing the colours you use can make the website more accessible to some people. Using different tabs for different subjects to keep each page simple and straightforward can help others. So start today and make changes for the benefit of everyone.