Having an accessible website is something every company should be focusing their attention on if they haven’t already done so. The reasons are many and we will look into those in a moment. But before that, let me reassure you that it isn’t as daunting a task as you may fear it to be. It doesn’t mean starting your website again from scratch or having to make major adjustments every step of the way. The key to website accessibility is much simpler than you think – website accessibility overlay. I’ll explain what that is, but first, let’s get back to the reasons why this should be a priority for you and your company.

Reasons to make your website accessible

The most important reason is because of the benefits to the disabled internet users who may visit your site. They deserve to have the same freedom of access to your site as anybody else who visits. It is the right thing to do to give everyone equal opportunities.

A second very important reason is that in many countries, this is a legal requirement, and you could face legal ramifications and be classed as breaking the law if you do not make your website fully accessible to disabled internet users. So, this is something that matters to your business.

Another reason is the further benefits to your business. A lawsuit could damage your company’s reputation if you fail to make your website accessible. But there are positives too. There are an estimated 1.3 billion people in the world who are living with a disability and that number continues to grow. By making your website available to all those potential visitors can only benefit your business. A company that offers accessibility also ranks higher in the search engines which again, will improve the number of visitors to your site. Not only that, but rather than worry about damage to your reputation, you will be helping to improve your company’s reputation.

Website accessibility overlay

So, how to accomplish all of this and start reaping those benefits: the easiest and quickest way to do this is to use an accessibility overlay. This is software that can be added to your website that will search through the code and identify any problems with accessibility. It will then automatically fix these problems and that’s it, you have an accessible website. It really is a simple process as well as being cost effective. So, why not get started today and have an accessible website in a matter of days.