We know that being healthy is high on your family’s priority list.

Although this may be a simple task throughout most of the year, autumn is bound to throw you a curveball or two. This is because the temperatures generally begin to get colder and harsher in the fall months, particularly November.

Although cold weather doesn’t make you sick, it does have an impact on your immune system and make it easier for you to become ill. If you want to avoid getting sick this fall, be sure to use these simple (yet effective) tips.

1 – Wear Thermal Clothing

To keep you and your family healthy in the fall, you need to stay warm! One of the simplest ways that you can do this is by wearing thermal clothing. These special garments are made with high-quality materials that help trap in warm air and insulate your body.

Different people have different opinions about what “cold” is. Some consider 32 F to be a manageable temperature, while others feel that 59 F is too frigid to be outside.

This is why you need to consider the TOG (thermal overall grade) of the garment. The higher the TOG rating, the more heat the garment will insulate. If you are going to get a thermal garment, make sure that you pick one with a TOG rating that is right for you.

Not to mention, thermal garments make great presents for your significant other and family members. If you need a present for your husband, make sure that you give him the gift of thermal socks – this way, he will look great and feel healthy all autumn long.

2 – Keep Everyone’s Hands Germ-Free

The world is filled with germs; you never know when you’re going to come in contact with them. Germs can spread from a cough, a friendly handshake and several other ways.

Although you might not know it, your hands are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If you want to get rid of these germs, you need to ensure that you wash your hands regularly – you should also convince your family members to do the same.

This will minimize the risk of you, your family and those you come in contact with from getting sick.

3 – Integrate More Healthy Vitamins into Your Diet

Although many people think that Vitamin C has cold-repelling properties, this isn’t exactly true. Even though Vitamin C can make the symptoms of a cold feel less intense, the popular vitamin doesn’t prevent viruses from entering your body.

Instead, you should opt for a variety of other vitamins that have proven cold-repelling properties like:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

Many other vitamins, like cod liver oil, Vitamin D and beta-glucans, may have cold-preventing properties, however, further studies need to be taken before this can be confirmed.

Although it may sound like a never-ending battle, you can keep your family healthy all fall long with these awesome tips.