Over the last few years it’s become increasingly apparent that the people of Clinton at least seem a little happier. Figures have shown that teeth whitening services in the area have risen – and this seems to have fueled something of a smile phenomenon (if such a thing exists).

In truth, it’s not just at the dentist in Clinton, pretty much every area in the country is benefiting from the teeth whitening boom. Gone are the days where yellow, or discolored teeth are on show – teeth whitening is now very mainstream and is proving to be one of the most popular services on offer at the dentist.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite for everyone. There are some candidates who just aren’t suitable for it, while at the same time there are individuals who would benefit from the procedure even more than the typical person. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at a checklist which documents some of the best (and worse) candidates for teeth whitening.

Your age matters

This is a pretty simple requirement, and it’s also probably one that’s very much expected. In short, teeth whitening isn’t designed for everyone and if you’ve not reached the elusive 18-years-old, you don’t tend to be considered for the treatment.

Do you have any tooth sensitivity?

If you do have sensitive teeth – we have more bad news. As well as the shivers of pain that are associated with this condition, it’s also not something that goes well with teeth whitening. Sure, the whitening procedure has become much less painful over recent years, but it’s not something that’s going to promote many positive sensations amongst sensitive teeth.

On a similar note, you’ve got to be careful about medical allergies. Peroxide is something that is regularly used in these procedures and if you succumb to the effects of this, you won’t tend to qualify as a suitable candidate.

How is the health of your gums?

Let’s deliver some more bad news, the health of your gums matter. In fact, the health of your general teeth matters and if you have experienced any problems in the past, there might be a chance that you’re not suitable to have your teeth whitened.

The reason for this is simple, these teeth and gums are already damaged and being subjected to further chemicals isn’t going to do their condition any good in the slightest. Sure, some different teeth whitening procedures might be able to deal with such issues, but on the whole most dentists will advise you not to proceed in a bid to preserve the condition of your teeth and not have them deteriorate further.

Some good news – crowns and tooth caps

In a bid to conclude on a positive note, there are some candidates that qualify for teeth whitening which otherwise may have thought they weren’t suitable. Even if you have crowns or tooth caps, dentists don’t tend to turn people down as the treatment just doesn’t affect them.