Winter is on its ways and for car drivers across Canada, maintenance is on their mind. If you drive a Lincoln in Brampton, you know how bad the roads can get, especially on those evenings when a blizzard passes through Toronto just as rush hour hits. You can spend hours eating up salt on the 401 while the low temperatures can drain your battery and cause problems with your fluids.

Maintaining Your Luxury Lincoln in Brampton

Winter maintenance is always something you should do in advance to make sure the season does as little damage as possible to your Lincoln Continental. That means changing your fluids to get ready for winter and especially your oil. The viscosity of oil changes with the temperature, thickening in the cold and getting thinner in the heat. That’s why you need a thicker oil in the summer and a thinner one to handle sub-zero temperatures. When it comes to winter maintenance, your best bet is to follow your manual to a T. You can also head to your dealer service center for the fluids that will work best with your Lincoln.

Regular Maintenance at Lincoln Dealerships in Brampton

Regular maintenance and check ups will also prevent any surprises under your hood. Have your dealer mechanic check of all your belts, hoses, vehicles systems, batteries, and fluids according to the schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. When you’re driving a luxury vehicle, a dealer service is essential. You should expect prompt service, reliability, and technicians who know the ins and outs of your vehicle. You want your Lincoln Continental to feel and sound exactly the way it did before it went into the shop.To maintain the integrity of your luxury vehicle, you need the expertise of factory-trained technicians. It’s the attention to detail that keeps Brampton Lincoln dealerships like Colony Lincoln open for generations.

Lincoln Parts in Brampton

If you’re only considering buying a Lincoln now, keep your dealer service center in mind. Besides a service center that quickly handles regular maintenance, you also want a dealer with a collision center that can provide OEM replacements parts. One quick and convenient service and collision center that handles Lincolns in Brampton is Colony Lincoln, a dealership that’s been selling and maintaining Fords and Lincolns in Brampton for 45 years.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Lincoln Parts

When you need replacement parts or major repairs on your vehicle, you generally have an option between OEM and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are made by Lincoln and are exact replacements of the damaged or worn out parts you need replaced. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are similar but won’t fit or function perfectly. They are generally cheaper, but if you’re driving a luxury car like a Lincoln Continental, you’re not going to get the performance you’re used to out of aftermarket parts. Don’t worry if you need to replace parts, it’s easy to find genuine Lincoln car parts when you go to your dealer service center. They can get your Continental back up and running as smoothly and comfortably as it was before.

A Lincoln Continental is a refined machine designed to deliver the smoothest ride around. Take care of it through the winter with the help of your Brampton Lincoln dealership.