One of the biggest dangers that many of us face during lockdown is struggling to adapt to the change. Many medical experts like Mark Hochberg MD have been discussing this recently, in particular how this disruption brings great anxiety with it and other dangerous consequences. Of course we have threats to mental health such as the feeling of being enclosed but for the most part it is adapting to this change that most will have a tough time with. Here then are just a few ways which you can replace those aspects of your life which have been taken away. 


We know that we should all exercise for at least 30 minutes per day and that hasn’t changed whether we are under lockdown conditions or not. What will change however is the amount of calories which you are burning simply by living your daily life. On average we burn somewhere in the region of 1,000 calories each and every day simply through walking around the workplace, commuting, going to see friends etc. These calories need to still be burned and that is why you should look at regular stretching extra journeys up and down stairs, short drills like some press-ups or square for 5 minutes, anything that will just help you to burn that little bit extra. 

Social Skills 

Nor being able to see or talk to friend and family is a very big issue for many of us and a real shock to the system given how social us humans are. The best that you can do, if you are not able to meet up with those friends and family members, is to use technology to stay in touch. This will greatly help you to maintain a connection with those people and whilst of course it will never be the same, this is certainly something that will help you to feel that little bit closer to them. 


In our daily lives we often have projects that we are looking forward to, or even events that we are looking forward to, this of course is not the case so much right now and that is exactly why you should be thinking about a project to start that will help to give you something that you can get your teeth stuck into. Let’s say for example that you committed to learn a new hobby or learn a new language, this is going to give you some sense of direction during this very difficult time. A project will give you the sense of purpose which has been lost and this will certainly to keep you occupied and give you a reason to get up and go each morning. 

It is true that much of our daily lives have been taken away from us for the time being but if we take action to try as best as we can to replace those aspects of our lives then we are going to be just fine.