According to 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the average face lifts cost was just $7,467. This cost, when compared with a decade earlier, is over 50% less than it was back in 2009. There are a number of reasons why we have seen these costs fall so much, which is something that we are going to take a look into today. 

The reason for this post is that for all that this is a seriously impressive drop in price, there are still many who believe that a procedure of this type would run into the tens of thousands, here is why this is no longer the case. 

Supply and Demand 

Ultimately the truth behind the drop in price over the years has its foundation in the most important rule of business and that is supply and demand. As attitudes have changed there has been a rise in people who have looked to spend money on a face lift. This increase in demand has encouraged many surgeons to offer the procedure and as more option have become available, the prices have lowered. 

Changing Attitudes

Those changing attitudes which we have mentioned has taken place in many areas of cosmetic surgery. For a long time it was largely assumed that cosmetic surgery procedures such as a face lift were risky, that they were incredibly expensive and that only celebs or the wealthy would have such treatments. Over time however, we have come to learn a great deal more about cosmetic surgery and this has broken some of the taboos which existed, and cleared up many of the myths which surrounded treatments like a face lift. The more relaxed attitudes became, the more people who decided to have a procedure completed. 

Improved Results 

The things that surgeons are able to do these days are absolutely incredible and especially when it comes to a face lift. For example there are procedures now such as the mini face lift which is for younger patients and that has a profound effect on the way a person looks. The results of face lifts these days are so much better than they were just 10 years ago and for many patients who are genuinely worried about the aging of their skin around their face, they can have utmost confidence that this is going to be a treatment which deals with this problem. 

Sunnier Shores

Here in the US a trend began which saw many people heading abroad in order to get low cost cosmetic surgery. What surgeons quickly recognized was that these were potential customers that they were losing out on, and so something had to change. Many surgeons lowered prices substantially to compete with other surgeons both here and abroad. What we then saw was other costumes surgeons follow suit, and that has brought down the average cost. 

Ultimately this can still be an expensive procedure depending on where you have it done and with who. Regardless, the overall average has fallen an incredible amount.