When it comes to the occasional dabble in the world of football betting, obviously everyone wants to win. It is not as easy as it sounds, I think every better in the world has had a mind-set of a dead certwin, unfortunately nothing is ever guaranteed. However I have been speaking with an old friend and fellow football buff Abhishek Gattani and have accumulated some tips which will hopefully help you excel to winning ways.

Bet with your Head, not your Heart

One of the hardest things to do in football is not being biased, you love your team and have particular hated for others. Trust me I get that more than anyone. You mustnt however let that haze over the idea of what the actual outcome is going to be. For example I am a Newcastle United fan, if it was ever the case that we played Real Madrid as much as I would love us to win, its unlikely. Betting smart will lead to a lot more wins than betting for personal reasons.


The longer the odds the more money you will make, unfortunately though odds tend to be long for a reason. The longer the odds the less likely the bet will come off. A cheeky punt at a long odds bet has to be done occasionally however you will have a lot more success on bets that wont make you as much money but have a higher chance of coming in. You need to try and find the right balance, winning long odds bets is great but happens rarely. Try to have something as close to a banker (high probability) as you can and build up your winnings slowly.

Bet on Goals Scored

The most popular type of bet in football is something called an accumulator. An accumulator is a collection of outcomes place on one bet; most people tend to put an accumulator on a match result. It is a classic and they do come in. What I have found a lot of success in however is goals scored in a match rather than the result. Even though the odds tend to be lower in this type of bet you are not awaiting a particular result. The result in fact makes no difference at all; I tend to put an accumulator on over 1.5 goals in a game. So it doesnt matter whether one team scores the goals you need or if both teams do collectively. Give it a try, it wont always come through but I guarantee it brings you more success.

Be Responsible

Bettingis for fun, as soon as you start to take it too seriously and spending money you cant afford to stop!! As the adverts say When the fun stops, stop, there really isnt truer words spoken when it comes to betting. Hopefully the tips I have given work as well for you as that have for me. Dont worry about that Newcastle United, Real Madrid bet though. I dont think we will be seeing that anytime soon, who knows though if Spurs can do it I suppose anyone can. Enjoy and good luck guys!