Guardrails in the home perform two functions. The first and most important is to keep everyone safe and prevent injury and the second is to improve the aesthetic of a property. Whilst many opt for the traditional wrought iron or the wooden variety, there are other options available – like Glass Railing s. This variety of guardrails are gaining popularity all the time and when you look for yourself, it’s not hard to see why.

So, what’s behind their growing popularity? We take a closer look now.

Increased Market Value

What can’t be argued with is the stunning effect that installing a   has the look of your home and it’s something that most certainly gets noticed by anyone visiting – including house hunters. For this reason, those whose make it their profession to purchase and renovate homes (known asflippers’) often use glass railing to add value and increase profits.

Glassing railing  is a sophisticated choice for any property that offers so much more in the way of modern aesthetics than traditional railing.

Minimal Maintenance

Glass railing systems , by their very nature, can stand up to so much more of the what the weather can throw at them. Its tempered glass is extremely durable and is at no risk from rust, rot or erosion. It also has no vulnerability from things like termites or woodworm and doesn’t needed to be painted or treated to remain looking at their best.

Aside from a spot of cleaning every now and again, their modern appearance stays looking as new for many years.

No Obstruction

Another of their most attractive qualities is the unobstructed views that they provide of the building’s surroundings. In particular, frameless glass railing  offers an almost completely unobscured view of the beauty of nature, as their nearly invisible construction provides a seamless flow between your home and the world outside.

Super Safe

One of the most important features offered by glass railing  is that of the safety it provides. Not only does it provide extra security when installed on apartments and house balconies, but their robust design means they are ideal for keeping your little ones away from the dangers of your outdoor swimming pool.

All this and they look absolutely amazing to boot.

So, if you’re looking for the ideal guard rail solution for your home, then you could do much worse than consider the clean lines and modern appearance offered by glass railing . There are many different ways your railing and fencing needs can be met, but there is little doubt that high quality glass railing is amongst the most hardwearing and beautiful on the market.

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Thanks for reading our blog. We hope we have gone some way to illustrating the beauty and functionality of glass railing systems.