While you want your child safe 24/7, you know the reality of the matter is they’re likely going to suffer a few injuries. The bottom line is it comes with being a child.

That said you can go about lessening the odds of your children having an injury in taking a few simple steps.

From making sure they are in the best shape possible to knowing those they are hanging out with, you can do your part.

So, will injuries for the most part steer clear of your children?

Be Ready When Accidents and Illness Do Occur

To give your child a normal and yet healthy childhood, keep in mind these three keys:

1. Physical fitness – While your son or daughter does not need to exercise 24/7, they should be in decent shape. That said it is important to make sure they get a normal dose of exercise each week. You can be a good role model for them by working out yourself on a regular basis. Best of all is when parents and kids spend time exercising together. Not only is it a physical healthy thing, but it also allows for both to spend quality time together.

2. Friends who matter – Your child is going to come across countless other boys and girls growing up. With that being the case, which ones will be best suited to spend time with your son or daughter? Although many kids want a little rough play, most of the experiences don’t lead to major injuries. That said you want whether in playtime or when they get to the later teen years and hang out driving they are safe. If you feel your child may be getting in with the wrong crowd, don’t wait until it is too late to do something about it.

3. When emergencies strike – Last, if your child is in fact injured, you want to make sure they get the best care. This means that when in need of emergency rooms, you want to be able to choose from the best whenever possible. Such emergencies can be everything from a broken arm or hand to breaking their jaw and much more. To have a better chance of getting your child in the facility you want, do some research ahead of time. If you have many medical facilities near where you, research them to see which ones get the best ratings. In doing so, you will feel better about taking your child there when a serious injury strikes. Remember, the faster they get care for their injuries, the better chances of a full recovery.

While no one ever said being a parent is easy, would you rather be anything else?

In being a parent to your little loved one, you are the one they often look up to now and even when they leave the nest one day.

That said taking care of your child will be the most important thing you ever do as a parent.

As a result, do all you can to make sure your child avoids injuries at each turn.

When you do, you and they will feel much better