The Plenty Vaporizer on the Storz & Bickel lineup is easy to overlook. Compared to the famous Volcano and Mighty vaporizers, this version of the vaporizer isn’t that appealing to the eyes. But the truth is known to many owners. What makes this vape unique is how it produces some big vapors. This vaporizer provides some of the most refreshing vapor on the market.

The Plenty isn’t just a perfect entry-level vaporizer for those trying to see what all the hype is about for Storz & Bickel without paying the top dollar. It may just be your current favorite vape if you can deal with any of its glitches.

Unboxing Plenty Vaporizer

Unlike the other vaporizers from Storz & Bickel, Plenty has a range of helpful devices. The plastic grinder creates a medium-sized grind that performs outstandingly in the Plenty, plus a little wooden brush to clean your screens. The Plenty contains three more filters and a liquid pad for stickier substances or fills half of a refrigerator, should you choose to remove them. What’s in the box?

Storz & Bickel will also protect the Plenty against any flaws or workmanship problems for three years after the purchase.

Design: Is it bulky?

Plenty’s style is like nothing else out there, without doubt, its style. But it’s important to remember that this vape’s overall style may not adhere to everybody’s personal taste. The Plenty’s style is like nothing else out there, resembling a sturdy power tool and complete with an exposed metal cooling mechanism and a black/orange color scheme.


Even portable but not relying on batteries to produce its electricity, this vaporizer can handle extremely long sessions – without needing to be limited to a desk. While its handheld ability is helpful to be passed around at group meetings, the Plenty is suffering from a minor identity crisis. Because of its smaller size and compact existence, neither a right portable vape nor a traditional desktop device, it’s crucial to be thoroughly conscious of its possible functionality shortcomings before making your purchase. But if you’re looking for a home-session vape that promises excellent efficiency and portability, obviously the Plenty is a perfect pick.

Performance: Is it efficient?

Newbies will be able to draw from the Plenty’s dense, tasty vapor. This vaporizer can make icy clouds. The steam is smooth and flavourful due to its metal cooling unit. But if you’re just trying to impress with sheer size, the clouds of Plenty will deliver. It also has a large oven, close to the Volcano. For those who need a serious session, it is a perfect option.

The Plenty works with a large evaporator down at the base to produce convection heat, near the Storz & Bickel Volcano. Upon cooling of the metal ring and screens, conductive heat is applied to help create thick, heavy clouds to ensure complete extraction. All through the session, you can gently turn the heat to keep the party working for a long time. Although next to the edge of the tub, where flavor starts to disappear, the Plenty appears to emit vapour.

Final recommendation

The Plenty, if you’re all about the vapor, is among the most understated vaporizers you’ll come across the market. It offers some of the best, thickest hits around, but its utterly clumsy controls hold it off. Instead of reaching a fixed stage, it vaporizes through a wide range of temperatures. You will keep pressing the handle between hits every few minutes if you still want it primed. It may not be as flashy as the Volcano, or as use r-friendly, but it’s sure to put a smile on your face at half the size.