Few people really know what energy healing is all about. They have some preconceived ideas, however, and those tend to be completely wrong. In fact, their unconscious misconception of what healing energy is, believes Splankna, is precisely why so many people come out disappointed. For instance, they believe that it didn’t work if they don’t come out of the session completely cured of all their aliments.

Splankna Helps People Understand Energy Healing

If you were to visit your physician with a problem, you expect them to listen and develop an appropriate treatment. You then seek out this treatment, and understand that it will take a certain amount of time for it to become effective. Perhaps you have to have some tests done as well, and you may find that the prescribed treatment doesn’t work at all, meaning that you have to try something else. The exact same thing is true for energy healing.

During a sessions, you will be ushered into a sacred space where you can be at peace with the universe. The healer will be there as a type of medium, or channel, through which you can send and receive energy in a way that is most appropriate for you at that time. At the same time, they can give you further advice on how to heal yourself.

During an energy healing, your body will be re-energized and rebalanced because various forms of negative energy will be removed. When you ask for healing, the Spiritual Law dictates that you will receive it. However, this could be through physical healing, or it could be through a greater understanding of your condition, to name but a few. Sometimes, energy healing will simply reveal the next steps to take.

Splankna on Why not Everybody Will Experience Physical Healing

There are a number of reasons why you may not notice any physical healing, including:

  1. You may not be ready to heal yourself. Perhaps your condition has been with you for so long, that healing in an instant would actually leave you in shock. Or perhaps you have a belief system that doesn’t accept spiritual healing.
  2. You may have other issues as well. As we all have free will, energy healing may show you the path, you don’t necessarily have to follow it.
  3. Your illness may be caused by something completely different, which must be resolved first.
  4. The thing that you want to be healed from is there to teach you a lesson. Perhaps there are still things that you must learn from the experience itself. An illness is never nice, but there is positive wisdom to be gained as well.

If you enter an energy healing session without judgment and with an open mind, you will see that the experience will greatly benefit you. The universe wants you to be happy and healthy, but everything has its time and its place. Be patient, and listen to the advice you are given, in other words.