Your employer asks you if you’d be willing to head south for a business trip that will last a month and a half. Without hesitation, you reply with a firm “yes.” After all, you love your job, so nothing excites you more than getting the chance to do it in another city during an “extended vacation.” The question is, where exactly do you plan to stay while you’re there? Savvy travelers in 2020 and beyond will likely choose corporate housing every time, according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article. Let’s look at why.

Travel In 2020 And Beyond

Economies are reopening amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. With that, business travel has restarted for some professionals, whereas for others, it is slated to resume in 2021. Many people who are traveling for business purposes will likely search for accommodation options featuring spaces that are less crowded. After all, they will easily be able to manage their interaction levels in these spaces. In light of this, travelers will most likely lean toward corporate housing units over crowded hotels and restaurants.

What Else You Should Know About Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is certainly in demand for business travelers who must spend time in other locales for weeks at a time. However, professionals such as travel nurses and construction project managers aren’t the only types of individuals who can benefit from corporate housing units.

This type of accommodation has also grown in popularity among interns—including business interns and medical interns. Why? Because with corporate housing, they don’t have to go through the hassle of arranging to pay for housewares, utilities, and furniture. Instead, they can easily pay a single fee that covers all of their needs.

In addition, corporate housing can come in handy for homeowners who are temporarily displaced due to disasters, such as a fire. In such situations, the guests’ insurance companies should cover the costs of putting them up in the corporate housing units as their houses are undergoing repair.

Note that some adventurers also rent this type of housing when going on extended personal vacations—for instance, vacations that will last 30-plus days. Rather than spending extra cash on a nice hotel suite, you can enjoy living like locals with corporate housing.

In all of the abovementioned situations, corporate housing can easily become the highlight of your trip by making you feel at home from day one.