Let’s face it, fellas: smoking is so 1957. Nobody wants to have stinky clothes and yellow fingers and nobody wants to kiss a guy who tastes like an ashtray. That’s why celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Gerard Butler have switched to vaping. But where’s a modern guy to start? Don’t worry, dudes, we’ve rounded up the sweetest vape mod kits we could find. And when we say sweet, we mean James Bond would be drooling with envy. Check ‘em out.

SMOK T-PRIV Vape Mod Kit 

If you’re gonna vape, you want something that’s sleek and sophisticated like you, but with a little bit of a wild streak. That’s where the SMOK T-PRIV vape mod kit comes in, my friends. It gives you everything a vaper needs —clouds, nicotine, more clouds— and it’s got nifty lights on the side to help you look cool as hell.

This is a wicked little 220 watt vape mod runs on two 18650 batts and the kit comes with one of the best tanks on the market, the TFV8 Big Baby Beast. The Big Baby Beast is the top-of-the-line tank for sub-ohm vaping because it’s made with an octuple coil. Before reviewing this vape mod kit, we didn’t even know an octuple coil was a thing. It’s also got a build deck if you’re into DIY coil-building, which is the next step in achieving vaping greatness.

Joyetech Ocular C 150 W Vape Mod Kit 

The Joyetech Ocular C is just packed with features. Not only is this little gadget perfect for vaping, it’s got a lot of other bells and whistles to go with it. Fueled by 150 watts of sheer power, the Ocular C lets you churn out a cloud after cloud without losing any of that sweet vape flavor.

Here’s the (even more) fun part! A full-color, easy-to-read LED screen lets you customize the way your vape mod looks. You can even upload your favorite pics to the screen. Kate Upton, anyone? There’s a headphone jack on the Joyetech Ocular C because this vape mod doubles as an Mp3 player. Now, if we could only get it to do the laundry for us.

Kanger Cupti 2 Vape Mod Kit 

Kanger is one of the biggest names out there in the vape world and for good reason. The company has been around since the dawn of vaping and they’ve got their stuff down when it comes to vape mod kits. Take the Kanger Cupti 2, for instance. It’s billed as an all-in-one mod because the kit comes with all the goods you need to get into vaping. Hardcore.

It’s a sturdy mod that has its leak-proof tank built right into the device, but it also has an additional connector so you can use the Kanger Cupti 2 with other 510 tanks. You can use this mod in temp control mode or in variable wattage mode to tweak your vaping experience just the way you like it, bro.