Chicago accounting jobs are difficult to come by because the people in those positions worked hard to get them. They know the value of the position, and the companies do as well. Accounting recruiters are looking for the best of the best to fill their various accounting positions. They may get a lot of qualified candidates on paper, but that does not always translate into a hire because some people, who are great on paper, do not perform so well in the interview.


Interviewees may not do so well in an interview for several reasons whether general nervousness or a lack of confidence in their knowledge. Whatever the reason may be, following these tips will help you to nail your interview and get to the next step in the process.

Know Your Worth

When it comes to a company’s finances, the accountant is the one who identifies, records, measures, classifies, verifies, summarizes, interprets, and then communicates all of that financial information to the rest of company. That is an extremely important role in the company, and you should know it. When you are interviewing know that without this position the company would not be successful and you have something they need; knowledge and applied skill.

Study Q&A

There are some interview questions that are widely used during the interview process. The same can be said for accounting specific positions. Know the questions that the industry says you should know, and there will be less of a chance you are caught off guard, and if there is something you need to know you can know the answer before the interview.

Be Confident

Confidence is key. You must know that you know what you are talking about and clearly convey that to your interviewer. Even if you do know exactly what you are talking about, but do not convey that information with confidence and clarity it may appear as though you are unsure about what you are saying.