Location is irrelevant when it comes to finding love. Even if you only see each other once in a blue moon, your relationship can still be strong and fulfilling. It’s not easy to have a healthy relationship with someone you only see sometimes (or once a year), but it is possible.

We know that everyone emphasizes the need to maintain an emotional bond and show support for a long-distance partner, but doing so is not that easy. Make sure to stay connected to each other and talk about how life is treating you each day. This way will keep things feeling close. Here’re some expert tips for maintaining a healthy yet exciting long-term relationship. Just keep on reading.

Communication Is the Key

Talk as much or as little as suits your mood to increase your sense of belonging.

We all know that we can talk to each other whenever we want these days. Giving a gift to each other is a wonderful gesture to show appreciation in a long-distance relationship.

Constant communication is something that some couples crave. Some people find constant conversation to be draining. In case of any issues or confusion, you can take individual therapy for relationship issues. The mentors will guide you to the right path. Discuss how long and how often you’d like to talk on the phone or exchange texts each day. Don’t be afraid to alter your app communication approach in light of shifting priorities.

Invest in Your Partnership

Everyone in a long-distance relationship experiences this. However, college students actively seeking romantic partners should pay close attention. It’s important to make sure the person you’re seeing is someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with before you invest too much time in the relationship. Think about whether or not “this person deserves to be single during college” before committing to a relationship with them while in college. Being single at college is a great way to “test the waters” and determine your relationship preferences. Many college students I know who are involved in long-distance relationships are squandering their time.

If you and your college sweetheart have decided to keep things long-distance, you should set a common goal and work together to achieve it. Long-distance relationships provide unique challenges for college students. When you don’t know your own future, making plans involving others is impossible; wary of making too many concessions.

Stun Your Partner

Maintaining suspense can be accomplished by the use of unexpected elements. Surprising them with a scheduled visit, a date night suprise or sending them a gift. In addition to the flowers, bring a seductive photo, an appreciation list, or tickets to an event that the two of you can enjoy together in the future.

Tell Them What You Want

People in any relationship will put their wants and needs last. This is more likely to occur in long-distance relationships since partners in these arrangements are more prepared to sacrifice for the sake of their union. Eventually, you’ll reportedly start saying things like, “I told them I wanted to speak before going to bed, but it’s fine if they don’t return my call at night.”

A lack of compromise skills may signal trouble in a relationship. There is a significant gap, though, between compromise and total surrender of one’s values. If you give up your needs gradually, you may develop anxiety symptoms, including insomnia, chest tightness, and intrusive thoughts. You should give some serious thought to leaving the relationship.

Put Your Feelings Into Words

It’s tempting to reminisce about the heady days of courtship when neither of you knew what to expect from the other. You now have the opportunity to express yourself in whatever manner best suits your needs.

If you have feelings about anything, it’s okay to share them. We encourage you to be really honest.

Perhaps one of you likes to say “goodnight” through text message, while the other of you have never done so before. Discussing your communication requirements may feel like a therapy session or a work exercise. But if you haven’t already, acknowledging your differences could save you a lot of heartache. If you find expressing yourself in a relationship challenging, try being direct about less significant matters first.

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

Long-distance relationships share many of the same difficulties as those that endure a lifetime. Intimacy requires more work to sustain.

In a typical love relationship, you would… In fact, you can do even better. Spend more time thinking about them and treating them kindly. The distance between you and your loved ones calls for you to make every effort to be there for them.

The Art of Conflict Resolution

Going to sleep furiously is awful enough, but doing so when hundreds of miles separate you from your partner is far worse. Having a short conversation about worries before an argument breaks out. Saving discussions of the nation’s state for face-to-face gatherings wherever possible. Instead of texting during an argument, you should pick up the phone and talk to each other. It’s best to avoid misunderstandings by explaining your side of the story or providing context through video rather than text.