Exceptional Software Strategies focuses strongly on providing their clients with software protection tools. This means that they put measures in place to stop cybercriminals from copying material that is not theirs. In so doing, they help the creators of software to make sure that only those who buy the software can actually use it.

How Exceptional Software Strategies Helps with Copyright

There are a number of techniques used to protect software from piracy. One of those is the creation of a registration key. These keys are long strings of numbers and letters that have to be inputted into the installation wizard before it is able to complete. The key is unique, meaning it only works on one machine, and it is only provided to those who have actually purchased the product.

There are also dongle devices that provide protection. Those are pieces of hardware that contain a certain code. The dongle has to be plugged into the computer before a program can run. Dongles are very expensive, however, which is why they tend to only be used in high end pieces of software.

Then, there is bus encryption and other forms of encryption codes. This is a platform whereby data is scrambled when it is transmitted between the point of origin and reception. This is commonly used for online software packages, but also online financial services. It ensures that people can share their private data in a way that is 100% safe. ATM machines also use this type of protection.

Exceptional Software Strategy can also use keyfiles. They are used to protect smaller pieces of information. Keyfiles are stored within the same location as the program, and it must be activated for the program to be used. This is commonly seen in phone activation services and emailed codes. Internet product activation codes can also be used, which are quite similar to keyfiles. Essentially, someone needs to perform a set of steps before they receive a certain code, which they then have to input to access the program.

Last but not least, there is code morphing, which is the most advanced form of protection available today. With code morphing, the code that is required in order to access a program is morphed into a variety of symbols and nonsense drawings, which cannot be copied. A program runs on the background of the computer that is able to read these codes, which is how they can determine that the right person is trying to access materials.

With all things digital, there is a real cat and mouse game going on. Every time a more sophisticated software protection method becomes available, cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their abilities to circumvent them. It is unlikely that this will ever stop, which further highlights the importance of being able to stay up to date with developments. Software piracy is a very real and very big problem, and one that costs software developers billions of dollars each year.