No matter where a woman works, at the office or at home, she needs to look good. When a woman looks attractive, she has more confidence and the day is somehow easier. She just has more personality and drive, too.

To look good requires more than clothing. Handbags, wallets, jewelry, shoes and the like are also important for one’s style and comfort. Still, these accessories can be intimidating for some who do not know how to wear them well. These tips can help even the most daunting of accessories less fearful. If you’re shopping for the woman in your life, make these tips work! Then share them with her for future reference.

First, it’s important to keep things relatively calm. That is, don’t outdo yourself by giving her every accessory at once. Keep it simple. Make her look elegant, not cluttered. Avoid too many textures in one outfit, for example, and keep jewelry to a minimum, depending on her clothing preferences. Less can be more in some cases. Be sure to accent clothing, not overpower it with trinkets. In the same vein, keep large, gaudy accessories for simple, plain clothing. Keep smaller, more understated accessories for bolder outfits.

Think about size – the accessory’s and hers. If she is petite, for example, it’s probably not a good idea to give her an oversized purse or ask her to wear an oversized jacket. If she is very tall and slender, offering her a tiny clutch is a poor use of an accessory. Accessorize according to her size and shape. And remember, less is often more. Whether a woman is an hourglass shape, an apple shape or a pear shape, research what will look best on her.

And if you don’t know her shape, figure it out! Knowing can help you choose both clothing and accessories more effectively. A woman needs to know her coloring, too. It’s a great plus when selecting scarves and anything elseA woman doesn’t need to feel limited to one style, either. Though they often fear stepping out of their comfort zones, a more daring new look is possible. It might take encouragement from the man in their life, but it’s possible. Be sure to purchase according to her tastes (study them if you’re uncertain) and tell her how great she looks.

Encouragement is crucial, in fact. It affects so much more than giving her the confidence to wear accessories. Telling her you love her, affirming her inner and outer beauty, and reminding her that she is so very special to you are all things that will improve her look even more than any clothing or accessory.

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