It can be quite easy being a man sometimes, especially when we think about how society sees us. I think it is fair to say that women very much get the rougher end of the stick when it comes to how they should look, what is considered beautiful and of course, what the latest styles are.

I have been with my partner for over 3 years now and throughout that time I have been more than aware of her body image issues. Helping out a partner with such concerns is not something that is easy for a man, but there are many ways in which you can help. When I first met my partner, she had recently come back from having some Orange County breast augmentation, something which she openly spoke about, especially how happy she was with the results. As time went on however, I realized that surgery probably wasn’t the answer, and that I needed to play my part in helping her, here is how I did it, and how I would recommend you do it if you are in this situation.

Talk, A Lot

My experience with this has shown me that the longer something goes unsaid, the longer it stews up inside and manifests itself in a different way. The simple solution to this is to ensure that you and your partner are talking regularly about deep-rooted issues. This is not all on your partner and you need to ensure that she doesn’t feel as though she is the only one with issues. Be candid and honest when talking about yourself, and your partner.

Taking Care

It is vital to remember the damage you can do with your words to anyone who is in a position of weakness or self consciousness. In this regard it is important that you remember what your partner is going through, and then choose your words accordingly. In the early stages of my relationship I made a glib remark about someone on the TV which was insensitive of me given my partner’s situation, I can assure you that I never did it again!


It is your job as the partner of someone who feels conscious about their body, that you constantly remind them of the truth, that you are greatly attracted to them. This is not to say that you should constantly tell them to forget their issues and that they are beautiful, but rather to pick the opportune moment to remind them of the truth.

Seeking Support

Professional help is always welcome in this type of situation yet many are not too keen on taking it on. The best way to get someone to reach out for some professional help is for someone that they love and respect, to recommend it to them, and help them through the process. They say that many people with mental health issues, must reach rock bottom before they reach out for help, it is your job to ensure that they do so, long before they get to that point.

This is not an easy situation that you are in, but it is one which you can play a key part in remedying.