Wedding photography is a highly specialized field of photography. It is not, however, solely about taking pictures during the wedding. It is about a whole lot of planning and preparation, about execution, and about creating albums, books, and presentations after the wedding. Besides this, it is also about the photographs that other people take, which further confuses the manner. According to Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida is a common place for weddings, and it is now not unheard of for a single wedding here to be photographed over 10,000 times.

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida Pictures

Not long ago, more and more people had digital cameras. Today, there are very few people who don’t have one, with the advent and widespread use of smartphones. This means that thousands of pictures are taking of weddings. So much so, in fact, that some soon to be married couples don’t even hire a photographer anymore.

What this means, according to Charles Bishop, is that photographers have to offer something unique, and something that cannot be achieved thanks to a smartphone and a digital photo album app. This, he believes is down mainly to specific photographic methods.

Understanding Photography Methods

There are lots of different styles of wedding photography, and that is what wedding photographers should focus on if they want to stand out. Their options, broadly, are:

  1. Reportage photography, which presents the wedding almost as a documentary in a natural but creative way.
  2. Traditional photography, which includes the standard pictures of the exchanging of the rings, the first kiss, the first dance, and a shot of all the guests together. These pictures are mainly taken outdoors and are heavily posed for.
  3. Contemporary photography, which is a lot glossier and often uses trendy lights.

How to Choose a Photographer

According to Charles Bishop, it is important that people start by choosing their preferred style. If they are mainly veering towards one, such as contemporary photography, that does not mean they can’t ask for a few traditional photographs as well. Either way, it is about knowing what they want first. Once they know that, they should speak to people they know to ask for recommendations. The internet is also a fantastic resource, not in the least because it is filled not just with the details of different photographers, but also with independent reviews from people who have actually used them.

The final issue is that of budget. Unfortunately, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to set a budget for a photographer. This is because it all depends on how much or how little you want, and in what style. Do you want to receive an SD card with all the pictures taken on the day, while also receiving a professionally printed album within a month of your wedding? Then you are likely to pay a whole lot more than if you only want to receive a digital album with around 30 photographs in them.