Are you tired of lugging a heavy suitcase across airports and hotel lobbies, not to mention cramming into elevators with other hotel guests? It’s totally understandable. Going on a vacation should entail a leisurely experience, not labour, so how do you pack light for a winter vacation? The answer is a mixture of smart packing techniques, the right footwear and merino wool clothing.

The strategy for every winter break is to stay warm, dress smart and travel with ease. As a traveller in another country or city, you want to make a good impression, so you’re faced with the challenge of making both a warm
and a fashionable wardrobe. Left unchecked, you could easily fill a large suitcase trying to meet both those demands, but you don’t have to. Knowing the right items to pack can help you overcome this issue. With these 3 tips, you can travel with ease.

1. Packing Technique

Start by packing all essentials such as undergarments, thermals, tights and socks. Then, pack all hats, gloves, scarves and neck warmers. Rolling all these small items into small Tootsie rolls and setting them into the sides and corners of your carry-on bag will save you space for sweaters, jackets and coats.

2. Multi-Purpose Footwear

Next, you should pack boots instead of shoes. The reason for this is threefold: slip-on boots are easy to wear and take off; they’re stylish and complement the majority of your clothes; and they also keep your feet warm, remaining comfortable on even miles-long walks. They are well suited to a cold environment, and save you from having to pack three different, bulky pairs of footwear.

3. Merino Wool.

This is the probably the tip that’ll save you the most space. By getting merino wool apparel, you get tons of benefits, including the benefit of packing light. Not only is merino wool lightweight, but it’s also durable, comfortable and smart looking. If you’re looking for the most comfortable travelling clothes merino wool fits the bill: the fibres found in merino wool are extremely fine and softer than the traditional, coarser wool fibres; they’re also breathable so as to absorb large amounts of moisture vapour. Merino rubs against the skin smoothly and comfortably, meaning that, in the dry cold, your skin is never irritated. And due to its elasticity, the fabric is stretchy and adequately conforms to the shape of your body.

But how does it save on space? Well, it’s a very odour resistant and bacteria-resistant fabric, which means you can wear the apparel for longer periods without having to wash them. This means that you need only a quarter the amount of merino wool clothing in your luggage as you would clothing made of, say, cotton or polyester. It’s an amazing fabric in a lot of ways, but for packing light, its ability to stay clean for a long time is its main selling point.

Packing light allows you to have the vacation you deserve: a stress free vacation. It’s also beneficial to have a small amount of luggage on your outbound flights, so that on our way back home, youcan bring back the things you’ve shopped for without having any space issues.This winter, pack light and enjoy more.