There is little doubt that when we discuss supply chain solutions, it is tech which is always leading the way with regards to the increasing of speed and accuracy. This has always been true and in the modern world we have seen advancements which have had a profound impact on the supply chain on the whole. The use of tech is absolutely critical in the success of our supply chains and today we are going to take a deeper dive into 5 technologies which are going to have a monumental impact on the supply chain which your business operates in. 

Internet of Things 

Whilst some may have cybersecurity concerns there is little doubt that using IoT within the supply chain is critical to increasing its speed and its accuracy. Ultimately the increased visibility and the more data which we can learn from our manufacturing and logistics processes, the better we can meet demand and deliver on-time products.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Implementing ERP systems can play a crucial role in supporting supply chain solutions. When looking at project management in manufacturing and distribution industries, these can help project managers allocate resources effectively by offering insight into availability of manpower, materials equipment etc. ERP consultants can guide these businesses through every stage of the implementation process, including optimizing supply chain management, to ensure seamless integration and efficiency across all aspects of operations.

Machine Learning 

Without doubt the most impressive tech which we have seen with regards to AI, at least tech advancements which can benefit the supply chain, has been machine learning. This involves a goal being set for the tech and then it relies on vast sums of data around sales, production, energy use and cost, and the algorithm is then able to fine tune how our businesses operate to maximize efficiency and productivity.


Robots have been playing a vital role within the supply chain for many years, moving items through a warehouse and transporting goods to fulfillment. With AI we can increase our use of automation and robots, to carry out many more tasks within the supply chain. This will increase speed and productivity, it can also serve as a cost saver and contrary to what many think, it is not designed to take over the jobs of humans. Indeed there is a big use for automated machines called cobots, which are collaborative robots which will work with humans, not instead of them. 

3D Printing 

Much like the rest of these technologies, there was a time when 3D printing seemed like a crazy idea which would never come to fruition. Well, 3D printing is now very much here and the capabilities which it has are endless. This technology in particular allows for on-demand production which can help to save money for many businesses in the supply chain. Using 3D printing helps to save on waste, investment and logistics. There is no doubt that more and more companies are going to be taking on 3D printing as a means of production in the coming months and years, simply because of the wealth of benefits which it is able to offer. 

Tech has always driven the supply chain and its uses have historically increased the ability which the supply chain has, to produce and maximize its potential. These technologies are designed to do the exact same thing, and they are in the process of completely revolutionizing the way in which we manufacture and produce.