Fashion is always changing. Despite that fact, fashion has been hubbed in the same cities for decades. Whether being exposed to the culture on the streets, or searching for the landmark fashion weeks, tourists have easy access to the world’s most recognizable fashion houses without overlooking the prominence of local designers. Ranging from historical landmarks to America’s economic hubs or Japan’s cultural capital, fashion lovers are sure to have a select few places on his/her bucket list.


A center for fashion dating back to the Middle Ages, Milan is perhaps the pinnacle of destinations for enthusiasts. The north Italian city is home to major fashion houses and labels: Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Moncler, Prada, Versace, and many more. Housing a number of prominent galleries throughout the city’s streets, no showcase is more renowned than the semi-annual Milan Fashion Week.


Perhaps a late-comer to the industry in comparison to Milan, Paris has been an international capital for fashion since the 19th century. Prominent houses such as Dior and Chanel were founded with French roots and laid the foundation for a number of well-known fashion designs. The Paris Fashion Week is also held on a semi-annual basis (January and July), holding its place among the top events on the international fashion calendar. Enthusiasts are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from London. With both cultures establishing their own style on the fashion world, marginal carry overs make for an even more memorable trip.

New York

While New York may not boast the extensive historic prominence of other destinations, the city’s annual revenue exceeding $20 billion reflects its positioning in the fashion world. New York does not offer the traditional houses seen in some European hubs. However, the city still boasts names like Ralph Lauren, Valentino Garavini, and Michael Kors. There are four main events on the international calendar, but there may be no bigger spectacle than New York Fashion Week every February and September.

Los Angeles

No city is more on the wave of current fashion than Los Angeles. A leader in the industry of casual apparel, LA’s 90- block fashion district is quickly becoming one of the marquee international fashion destinations. Santee Alley is among the most notorious stretches in fashion with its reputation for counterfeit goods. Carried by the status of LA street apparel, Los Angeles exhibits the greatest display for enthusiasts first-hand as opposed to dedicated galleries.


Whether it is fashion or media, technology or food, Tokyo is often at the front in new trends. Japan’s reputation for mixing local influences with foreign labels rivals the haute couture made famous in European style. Similar to Los Angeles, Tokyo’s street apparel is a major reason for its prominence in the international market. Sitting outside the “Big Four” fashion capitals, visitors will still find both personal exposure and dedicated galleries/shows as they take in the culture.