If I am totally honest, when my girlfriend bought me a cruise vacation for my birthday last year, I can’t say I was overly excited. I have always been a traveler who does things ad-hoc, avoiding tours or restrictions on my travel, something which I felt that a cruise went directly against. In truth however, the holiday with Fred Olsen cruises turned out to be one of my most treasured trips that I have taken, and we have already booked up to cruise around the Caribbean next year. If you have never been on a cruise before, I wanted to talk a little about 5 incredible experiences which you can expect when you do take one, this may whet your appetite to look into a cruise for your next vacation.


Something which I enjoyed each night of the cruise was sitting on the deck with a hot chocolate, and being in awe of the splendor of stars in the night sky. The beauty of being so far out at sea is that there is no light pollution to prevent you from witnessing the majesty of our galaxy, and you can expect to see it each and every night at sea.


As much as I do like to scratch beneath the surface of a destination and find out how it ticks, I also like the idea of traveling quickly and seemingly leapfrogging across the world. Cruises generally pack in plenty of destinations on your trip and you can explore a vast amount in just a short space of time.

Where Are We?

Something which blew me away the most on the cruise was just how many amenities the cruise ships actually have, causing you to even forget that you are sailing across the ocean. Our ship was equipped with fine restaurants, a theater and a cinema to name just some of the activities which there was on board, and after an hour or two inside, you will forget where you are entirely.

Amazing Conversations

I had a notion in my mind before we left that the boat would be filled with OAPs but this simply wasn’t the case and there was a huge variety of people on board. Naturally the fact that you are all living within a few meters of each other means that you generally strike up lots of interesting conversations with some of the other guests, and we even made some friends who will be coming with us on the next cruise.


The biggest thing that I will take away from my time on the cruise was the level of luxury which we were afforded on board. From the staff to the services, the activities to the amenities, all are done in a way that screams luxury and makes you feel like someone very important indeed. Luxury is good for the soul and you can expect to find boat-loads of it when you embark on a cruise ship holiday.