Winter time can cause many issues for drivers and car owners and it is important that you are prepared for these months and that you are taking precautions to ensure that you stay safe. Road accidents triple in the winter months and the number of break downs almost double too, which means that you are far more likely to run into issues during this time of year. If you are a car owner then here are some of the steps which you should be taking to make sure that you stay safe on the road this winter.

Avoiding Breakdowns

Avoiding breakdowns is never guaranteed but there are some steps which you can take to ensure that you avoid it as best you can, or that should it happen, you won’t have too many problems. The first step is to take your car to the garage for a check up, and get your tires and your fluid, including anti-freeze checked over by professionals to make sure your car is in good shape. You can also prepare at home ahead of time before the cold weather begins to set in and ensure that you have a good supply of gritting salt for roads and drives to hand. This will help to reduce accidents on and around your premises due to the ice and snow and poor conditions.

In terms of the car you should also make sure that you have some breakdown cover which can help you out should the worst occur, this is something which you hope you’ll never need, but it’s nice to have in case you do. Finally you should check the status of your warranty and if it is out of date, extend it with a company like Accelerated Service International. A warranty will cover you against mechanical break down of the car’s parts and it is well worth having.


When you are driving during the winter months there is much more for you to consider than any other season and you need to be aware of ice, frost, snow and black ice. The reason that so may accidents take place during these months is because people do not alter their driving style. The best course of action when driving during the winter is to ramp up your awareness and always expect the unexpected. During winter you should be driving slower, allowing for longer braking distances and give far more warning before a maneuver. You can never completely avoid an incident however as there is always the risk that someone else could cause an issue for you, with this being said however, you can do all that you can for your part, to stay safe and avoid accidents.

Not Driving

One of the best ways for you to stay safe during the winter months is not to drive at all and instead use car pooling options with colleagues or friends, and use public transport like the bus or metro. Not only will a decision like this save you money and do something good for the environment, but it completely eradicates the chance that you could run into difficulties on the road. If you don’t like driving in winter, lock the car away until next year and seek out alternative options.