When you’re busy running a household, chasing after kids, and working your regular 9–5, a vacation from your responsibilities is probably a thought you entertain frequently. A holiday is a great way to unwind and recharge after months (potentially years) of working diligently. But when it comes to travelling with your family, a vacation can get expensive—which quickly turns your supposed relaxing escape into a high-stress situation.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your vacation cheap so you can take advantage of the break, check in with these simple yet effective tips below.1. Be realistic

You need to manage expectations before you head out with your family. Travelling with a troupe that includes small ones changes the way you can vacation. Don’t expect to recreate the trips of your youth when you spent all day hiking, only to party throughout the night. The same rule applies to your children. Your kids may want to visit Disney World, but this adventure isn’t always in the cards. Let them know early on what kind of holiday you’ll be taking. It may spare you some tantrums abroad.

2. Plan for the unexpected

Emergencies happen, but they usually wait until you’re on a family vacation to strike. When you’ve already tied up savings in your family outing, you may not have anything left over to cover unexpected bills or auto repairs. Though these may surprise you during your trip — or even when you first arrive back home — don’t let them totally blindside you. Know how to get a fast installment loan online to help you cover the unexpected. Installment loans are an ideal stopgap for your savings because of how easy and convenient they are to secure online. All you need to submit is basic financial information. If you’re approved, you can have the cash advanced to your account as soon as one business day. More importantly, the installment loan’s simple online repayment plan makes it easier to meet each due date on time, despite having just gone on holiday.

3. Prioritize your trip

It’s easy to justify overspending when you’re on a vacation. You’re already spending so much to get there, so what’s a few dollars more on a fancy sandwich at the museum’s café? Depending on how many fancy sandwiches you get, it could very well bust your budget. Remember, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can pretend you have the budget of a billionaire.

If airfare and accommodations take up most of your cash, sacrifice expensive dinners at restaurants to help save some money. Rather than waste money at a restaurant, visit the nearest grocery store to your hotel. You can pick up ready-meals and other snacks there and take them on a picnic. A picnic in Central Park, for example, is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon with your family — and it doesn’t cost all that much.

At the end of your family vacation, the only disappointment you should feel is that it’s over. (Let’s be honest—who wouldn’t want to go on a permanent holiday). You shouldn’t feel stressed because your trip took a huge chunk out of your budget. Keep things relaxed by sticking with these tips, and you’ll save money and your peace of mind!