If you are planning to move abroad, then it is an exciting time. From magical Dubai to super-cool Sweden, you may be moving to somewhere in the world that promises much. Whether you are moving for work, family or purely personal reasons, it will open up a new chapter in your life that you will not forget.

Along with the thrill and anticipation of what lies in store when you move, there are many practical things to sort out first. One major job to get a handle on is how to get the very best education when moving abroad with your family.

Choose an international school

The first thing that you will notice when researching the educational possibilities abroad is the sheer range of choices on offer. From local schools to private tutors, you will not be short of options. However, the one that most expat families opt for is an international school.

These schools have really taken off in the last 20 years or so – there are now 8,000 international schools worldwide with over 4 million pupils. This shows just how popular they have become, not only with expat families but also with local children. When it comes to offering the best standard of education in your new country along with a safe and inclusive environment for your kids, international schools are hard to beat.

There are many places globally that expat families move to, but lovely Singapore is one of the most common destinations. If you are headed there, then you can look forward to superb international schooling options as well as a great standard of living. If you want an Australian style education in Singapore for your family, then there are schools there that offer just that.

Why choose an international school?

While we have looked at the general reasons why these make the best educational choice for expat families, here are some more specific factors to consider:

  • Internationally recognized qualifications – one big advantage with international schools is the internationally recognized qualifications that they offer to pupils. Upon graduation, your child will have a qualification that is accepted worldwide by many employers and higher educational establishments.
  • Great for moving families – many families may travel around a lot, which means that your children are moving schools a lot. The beauty with the curriculum in international schools is that it is standardized, so your child can pick up where they left off when going into their new school.
  • Diverse culture – the modern world is a varied place, and international schools help your kids to learn about this early on. The access that they have to a wide range of cultures and languages will help them become more rounded people and better positioned to progress into their chosen career. Business is now worldwide wherever you are based, and this is a great head-start for them.

Nothing but the best is good enough

As a parent, you will naturally want to give your child the best of everything. This extends to the education that they will get when moving to a new country. In this regard, international schools are ahead of the pack and are certainly an option worth considering.