Valentines Day, a day to show that special person you love just how much you care. Also a day when men all over the world get it so so wrong and land themselves in trouble. Unsure what to get for your loved one this Valentines Day. Why not stick to the traditional valentines gifts that have been successful for years.

traditional valentines giftsHere are our top 5 traditional valentines gifts that can make your Valentine’s Day that extra bit special!


Chocolates are often used as a bargaining chip for guys who have misbehaved or upset their girlfriends. Chocolates have the power to get any man out of trouble (I’m kidding!) The point is everyone love chocolates and there’s no time of the year not to treat your partner to some tasty treats. Valentine’s Day is perhaps the perfect time for this gift! With all different kinds of chocolates and romantic chocolaty gifts available during valentines day the selection is better than ever.


Now I know I said play it safe but this is the only thing on the list where you must be careful. There’s no one size fits all solution here. You need to know your girlfriend or wife’s taste in Jewelry. This gift can make or break Valentine’s Day, while she’s likely to be grateful for your efforts since it’s the thought that counts, if you end up buying your girlfriend giant golden hoops and she prefers understated Jewelry she will be unimpressed, and perhaps even hurt that you don’t know her tastes and style. But get it right by choosing that perfect diamond necklace she was looking at online and this will be an absolute hit! It’s better to do your research first, look at her current jewelry, pay attention to her comments when discussing jewelry, or when looking in shops that sell custom rings Melbourne (or wherever is local to you), and gauge her reaction to the different pieces.


Similar to the Jewelry, it’s possible to get this one wrong but pay attention to your girlfriends preferences and this will be a special gift. Remember the number one rule for buying perfume don’t buy the same perfume that her ex bought. Walk in a perfume shop with her, test some samples for your ‘sisters/cousins’ present and see what she likes. Just find a way to do so without making it obvious your going to buy for her. Better to go for something original that also tried and tested that you know she likes.

Teddy Bears

There cute, there cuddly and they are irreplaceable! While other gifts like chocolate and roses are disposable Teddy Bears stay around in the house for years becoming part of the furniture. Especially good for long distance couples the emotion she feels when you give her that teddy bear will be anchored to the bear for life. So whatever you do choose the right time the time to give to her.


Perhaps the symbol of Valentine’s Day, you just can’t go wrong with Roses! There beautiful, they smell good and they are truly a Romantic gesture. Why not go the extra mile, set up a nice candle lit dinner, maybe add some Rose petals to the bath why don’t you? While roses for valentines day are the classic gift you can also be creative with them. Whatever you want to do with them just make sure to save at least one to hand to your partner this Valentine’s Day!

So there you have it, Roses, Chocolates, Perfume, Teddy Bears and Jewelry our top traditional Valentines gifts! Picking one of these will see you survive Valentine’s Day unchallenged, 2 of theses and you special lady will likely be very happy… decide to Go all out this Valentine’s Day with the lot and this day will never be forgotten.