Being a musician is a difficult profession, on the one hand you could be one of the superstars who make albums, travel the world, play sold out shows and make millions of dollars, on the other hand you could be struggling with debt and trying to carve out a living. In fact, there are many students who, each and every year are discouraged by teachers and parents from being a musician or even involved in the industry and sadly many people will take this advice.

There are however, many ways in which this who have a passion and a particular ear for music can earn money and here are just some of the ways.

Audio Engineer

Audio engineering is a very rewarding career that will make sure that you are surrounded by the music that you love. The role of an audio engineer is to work with producers and musicians, trying to get the sound which they are looking for. Now, you may think that choosing to be an audio engineer is a step down from your dream of being a musician but the key here is getting into the industry to start with so that you can make contacts and learn about studios and music, something which this job will provide you with on top of a salary.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that buskers don’t make a great deal of money, if they are good enough and if they are in a prime location, they can often make as much as someone does in their day job. Busking without a license is illegal so make sure that you have all of your administration looked after first. Once you have done this you should contact your local council to request permission to busk in a certain spot. When you do busk, the key to making money is to show some of your personality, a mundane busker or one who looks as though they are just practicing, is unlikely to make much money.


If you have mastered an instrument or even mastered how to sing, why not use your skills to teach others who have a desire to learn more about playing and singing music. There are many ways in which you can teach someone and doing so privately is probably the best way in which you can make money from this. If you are able to, you could teach in your local area and give one on one or group lessons for a fee per hour. You could also look to the internet to teach students which means that you could teach anyone in the world through the use of Skype or Zoom. Put yourself out there on social media in order rot solicit clients and once you have them, it is vital that you have a warm and patient manner and, that you get results.

These are some great ways to make money from your music, as you wait to become the star you’ve always dreamed of.